Safeguard Inventory with Tool Cribs & Wire Technician Lockers

Tool Cribs Provide Warehouse Security

Our steel wire partitions are ideal for designing custom tool cribs to safeguard your technician supplies and tools.  Secured and locked wire enclosures provide crucial warehouse organization and essential warehouse security when they’re built to store equipment and inventory.

Check In/Check Out System

With a designated, secure area to store tools and equipment, there’s no need to worry about who has what tool, or where tools have been misplaced. When a maintenance technician needs a tool to work on equipment in the plant, they go to the tool crib and sign out the tool they need.

Adding a service window to the tool crib creates a higher level of security and control. Personnel are not allowed to enter but will have a designated tool supervisor hand them what they need.

Locked Wire Partition Tool Crib & Parts Inventory StorageLocked Wire Partition Tool Crib & Parts Inventory Storage

Wire Mesh Technician & Parts Storage Lockers

Mechanic or Technician Lockers allows for drivers and technicians to find all of their tools, parts and supplies waiting for them at their designated lockers.  This fosters personal organization as well as security.  Workers have access to only the necessary tools and supplies for their daily projects.

Secured technician storage lockers are ideal for distribution centers, trucking companies, trade industries, cable companies, plumbing and electrical companies.

Reverse Loading Systems

Equipment and supplies managers are able to issue tools and other equipment with openings on both sides of the locker system.  Tools and supplies are kept secured and separate from the technician side of the lockers.

Technicians are only able to access what they need while managers have a more efficient process to monitor and maintain supplies.

Can be secured with:

  • Simple padlock
  • Keycard readers
  • Key pads
  • Variety of other locks

Woven Wire Secured Technician Supplies Lockers

Wire Partition Panels Easily Adapts to Future Needs

With a variety of panel sizes, mesh options, and a building block approach, you can create a custom wire partition system that meets your exact needs.  Easy to modify, our wire mesh panels can adapt to your future needs and grow with your business.

Our certified and licensed crews will custom install any configuration we design specific to your industry and needs.

Contact a material handling specialist today on how a tool crib or secured storage lockers will benefit your operations.

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Safeguard Inventory with Tool Cribs & Wire Technician Lockers

Secured and locked wire enclosures provide crucial organization and essential security when they’re used to store equipment, parts and inventory.

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