Vertical Lift Smart Systems for Picking Process - Case Study by W.W. Cannon in Dallas TX

Vertical Lift Storage Systems – A Smarter and Faster Way to Pick

With “smart” technology, our client’s quick-fill items just got a lot faster – a Tulsa OK Case Study

Industry: Gas Station/Convenience Store Distribution Center in Tulsa Oklahoma
Challenge: Needed faster access to high-volume pick items
Solution: High-density “smart” storage system to optimize storage access
Equipment: Modula Vertical Lift Module

Increase pick time for high-volume items.

Our convenience store client in Tulsa, OK was setting up a new warehouse distribution center and was looking for a high-density storage option for their most-used products. These were items that serve as “impulse buys” or other fast-moving items picked at higher quantities. They needed to get these items to their service stations faster.

Certified & Trained Material Handling Installers & Service Technicians

The idea of a “smart” automated system to increase picking rates was presented, but they weren’t sure if it was right for them. They reached out to Modula Lifts, who then brought in W.W. Cannon for storage consultation and professional installation.

You’ll believe it when you see it!  

“It’s one thing to look at a brochure; it’s something else to see the machine actually functioning, and watch people use it in their day-to-day business,” says W.W. Cannon Automotive and Storage Specialist Rode Chambers.

And that’s just what he did — He invited his client’s team to visit a manufacturing plant located nearby that already had five Modula Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) in operation. This onsite demonstration proved first-hand the efficiency and speed of the system. When they saw how well it functioned, they were sold.

Time and space saving benefits through Vertical Lift Module System.

The “smart” system will situate those high volume items closer to the picking tray so there’s less time between call order to system delivery.

“The VLM is a “smart” machine. There’s valuable time and space saving benefits for the entire operation,” says Chambers.  “Say you’re picking one certain product more than any other. The “smart” system will situate those high volume items closer to the picking tray so there’s less time between call order to system delivery.”

“The high-density storage system keeps everything in one location so pickers are wasting less time by running back and forth to different storage areas to gather items.  And the design of the system takes advantage of vertical space freeing up square footage for other equipment.”

Increased Productivity and Faster Delivery Speeds

They’ve attained faster delivery speeds to their convenience stores leading to increased sales.

It’s already become clear that W.W. Cannon and the Modula Vertical Storage System have revolutionized the way our client does business. How do we know? Just ask Rode.

“Consolidating these fast-moving items into one automated “smart” pick system means a huge overall increase in productivity for our client. They’ve been able to attain faster delivery speeds to their convenience stores. Satisfaction is high and they’re using it non-stop.”

“Our professional installers and technicians are trained by Modula to efficiently install and maintain VLMs.  We’ve customized scheduled maintenance to come in and service the system in order to keep their warranty up-to-date,” says Chambers.

“From planning and installation down to maintenence, we’ll take care of their entire order fulfillment system.”

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