Welding Strip Curtains Provide Safety From Welding Hazards

Welding Safety Solutions in Dallas TX

Sparks are going to fly!  So, why not protect your valuable assets, employees, and equipment.

We know that welding stations come with safety hazards for the welders.  However, within a large production facility, workers outside of the welding stations also need to be properly protected.  Welding can expose people to heat, metal fumes, and UV Rays.  Safety hazards from these operations can include burns, eye damage, electrical shock, and cuts.  Many of these can be controlled with proper safety practices and personal protective equipment

Polaris Puts Welding Safety Practices Into Effect

Welding Stations with Welding Safety Curtains in Dallas TXOur friends at Polaris, Huntsville AL, manufacture off-road vehicles, motorcycles, and snowmobiles.  In their large manufacturing facility, there’s welding going on all day long.  The welding workstations were in a separate area of the facility with their own safety barriers – but there was no protective divider to separate the areas.  They were concerned about metal fumes and UV Rays affecting the personnel outside of welding.

Industrial Welding Strip Curtains

We heard their concerns and knew of the right product solution that would offer a physical divider with the proper safety requirements.  Industrial Welding Strip Curtains.  The strip curtains divided the facility into two working areas.

Welding strip curtains, like other welding screens, are tinted red, orange, green, black and blue. They block the harmful UV rays from welding. The strips can be mounted to a free-standing frame, a door opening, or strip curtain track which is supported from above. You can also just purchase the strips with no hardware at all.

Protection From UV Rays & Fumes

The red, see-through PVC strips that were installed by our team for Polaris, are specially designed to block harmful UV Rays in order to protect the eyesight of nearby workers.  The strips are slightly overlapped to create a good seal from one side to the other – providing protection against harmful metal fumes and heat.

Polaris’ employees were very pleased with the upgraded safety conditions to their work environment.  We’re happy to have played a part in Polaris’ safety program.

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