W.W. Cannon COVID 19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Supporting the Supply Chain

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COVID-19 Policy Update for W.W. Cannon

W.W. Cannon is Essential to the Supply Chain Industry

W.W. Cannon’s Doors are OPEN

W.W. Cannon is Essential to the Supply Chain Industry. During this challenging time, W.W. Cannon’s doors remain OPEN.  

Our offices are open, fully staffed, and operating with normal business hours – though closed to all visitors.  We are here to help support the livelihoods of our customers and protect the continuation of their business operations.

Partnering with You to Keep Your Doors Open

W.W. Cannon, Supporting the Supply Chain Industry

24-Hour Repair and Maintenance Plans  are crucial at this time and will continue to be performed in order to reduce the risk of downtime or costly repairs that could put our clients in jeopardy of closing.  Same-day Emergency Repairs are available 24/7.

We continue to supply Material Handling & Storage Equipment, Turnkey Systems Services, and Equipment Installation at our usual high standard of excellence.

Our sales team, staff, installers, and service technicians have been educated on safe hygiene and will perform all necessary tasks while adhering to strict sanitary practices to maintain our customer’s safety as well as their own.

We know how important it is to keep your operations running smoothly – especially right now.  And if we all work safely, we can accomplish this.  We’re all in this together.

W.W. Cannon’s COVID-19 Policies

  • Daily Disinfecting Routine – Our offices, work surfaces, doors, equipment, and vehicles are scheduled for cleaning throughout the day, every day, with anti-viral spray and wipes.
  • Educated & Equipped – We’ve supplied our office staff, service technicians, and equipment installers with hand sanitizer to use while on the job and they’re frequently washing their hands.
  • Social Distancing – We’ve asked all employees to refrain from shaking hands with our clients and to maintain a respectful distance.
  • Stay At Home – We’ve asked all our employees to stay home if they are showing any cold or flu symptoms.