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Your conveyor systems are the workhorse of your operations and downtime is not an option. Our repair experts will keep you up and running.

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Conveyor Systems Repair Plans – 24/7

Bulk Handling, Belt Conveyors, Expandable Conveyors, Powered Roller Conveyor, Stainless Steel, Pallet Handling Systems, Gravity Conveyors … our conveyor repair experts handle it all.

Conveyor Line Repairs in Dallas TX

Conveyor Systems Repair & Maintenance Plans by Expert Technicians

Conveyor Systems are the workhorse of your assembly line, pick system, distribution center, or processing operation. But over time, wear and tear of belts, rollers, gears, and engines, spills, dirt, and corrosion can lead to bottlenecks, jams and costly downtime. 

Qualified, Trained & Licensed Conveyor Experts by In-House Crews

You need qualified, reliable service technicians who understand how conveyor systems work. Our conveyor repair specialists are certified, factory-trained, and qualified to service all your system needs and conveyor components.  They’re skilled at catching any potential issues, and fixing it before it becomes a problem.  And your conveyor line servicing is never subcontracted.  You can always expect repairs from our very own in-house crews.

24/7 Emergency Repairs & Maintenance Plans

As your equipment and maintenance partner, we’re dedicated to keep you on top of performance impacting issues.  Our emergency repair teams are available 24/7 – they’re fast and get your issues resolved quickly.

You can count on our team of experts to deliver excellence – every time. With the highest quality service along with the best customer care, our goal is to work hard for your 100% satisfaction.


Maintenance & Repair Plans

Cleaning, belt tracking, adjusting tension and alignment are just a few common fixes. Sensors, photo eyes, electrical or mechanical issues are also carefully examined. If an adjustment or repair is needed, we’ll get it done right.

Parts On-Hand
Belts, rollers, gears – we keep track of the parts that you typically need and bring them with us so you won’t have to wait.

Scheduled Conveyor Inspections

We’ll have you on our calendar based upon your equipment needs. Wear and tear of belts, rollers, gears, and engines or buildup of spills, dirt, and corrosion are all thoroughly checked.

Smart Documentation
The health of your conveyor system is recorded and issues are tracked so we always know when it makes sense to repair or replace. You’ll have a detailed history of all inspections and repairs for your own records.

24-Hour Emergency Repairs

Our 24-Hour, On-Call Repair Team gets you back up and running quickly with Rapid-Response Priority Service.

Fully Stocked & Ready To Roll
Our service trucks are fully stocked and ready to roll no matter what time of day – or night. Call: 800-442-3061

Preferred Member Savings

All plan members receive preferred pricing on parts and labor, new equipment, and equipment upgrades.

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We’ve got your back.

Dock & Door Repair

As your equipment partner, we act to ensure we take care of all your repair needs – keeping your dock and doors open for business.

Pallet Rack Repair

We take precaution to ensure the integrity of your rack systems are solid and safe – heading off critical issues that could shut you down.

Certified and Trained Service Technicians and Installers

Qualified Service Teams

Our installation crews and service technicians are factory-trained, OSHA safety certified, and led by experienced, reliable crew leaders. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured.

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