Quality Pre-Owed Pallet Rack

How to Buy Quality Used Pallet Rack and Save Up To 50% Over New

Used Pallet Rack

In today’s market, we’re working smarter and leaner – looking for cost savings for our warehouses and distribution centers without making a huge sacrifice on quality.

Buying used rack systems (including standard and cantilever rack), can provide a potential savings of 40% to 50% compared to new

Many reputable distributors are also offering “like new” quality and refurbished rack systems that are safe and reliable – but how do you find the good stuff from someone you can trust?

Do Your Homework!

Remember, if you’re shopping used for a bargain deal – you get what you pay for.  

So to be wise, do some homework on the front end of your purchase.  We’ve put together a very helpful list for you of some common sense tips to consider when you’re in the market for used pallet rack.

8 Tips on Buying Used Rack

How to find quality pre-owned rack from a provider you can trust.

  1. Take Measurements First: First, be prepared to provide the rack distributor with measurements of product or pallets you’ll store and an estimated quantity and weight on each level. Based upon your needs, a rack system expert will be able to guide you to the appropriate used or refurbished system.
  2. Find a Trusted Vendor: Once you locate a company near you, find out how long they’ve been in the business. Usually the About Us or History page will provide valuable insight into who you’re going to be working with.
    If finding someone you can trust is important, contact them to ask questions or for references.  A quality provider will be more than happy to accommodate you.
  3. See It Before You Buy:  If possible, take a look at the equipment yourself.  With used, you’ll want to judge by integrity and don’t worry about the scratches and dust – it’s used.
  4. What’s The Safety Rating:  Find out how the equipment is selected and rated. Ratings define safety and quality. Ask about how it measures up to today’s industry standards.
  5. Find Out The Manufacture & Style: You’ll need to know the manufacturer and style of rack. This will help when you need to order more bays or replacement components.  Teardrop style is the most common rack manufactured and the easiest to add-on to or replace.
  6. Know Suggested Weight Capacities: Ask what the suggested ‘used’ weight capacities are.  Because they’re used, the weight capacities may not be the same as original manufacturer specs.
  7. Seismic Ratings:  If you’re in an earthquake risk area, make sure the used/refurbished rack has appropriate seismic ratings.
  8. After Sale Support:  Find out who your after-sale contact person is. If you need any assistance or have questions, it’s helpful to know who will be there for you.

Used and refurbished rack options.

W.W. Cannon takes careful steps to provide only the highest quality refurbished and pre-owned rack systems that we suggest is safe for your everyday use.

We have a straight forward approach to assessing risk for our used rack systems.  Nothing leaves our warehouse until it passes our inspection.

Used Rack Inspection & Rating – Each and every rack system component is thoroughly inspected by our in-house, expert technicians before they’re verified structurally sound and approved as safe for use.

An extremely high level of inventory control is used to carefully select and separate quality of rack.  Our techs look for structural damage, rust, and other issues that would prove a safety risk.  Anything that’s not up to our general use safety standards gets scrapped.

Refurbished Rack – If you want to avoid a “used” appearance and clean looking bays are important to you, then refurbished rack would be your option.

Used rack is sold “as is” which may mean a tiny bit of dust or rust and scratches.  Refurbished rack has been restored to “like new” condition in not only its fresh painted appearance but also a boost to its strength and integrity.

Unlike other companies who contract out the work, W.W. Cannon has an in-house team of expert technicians plus fabrication and painting booths to handle all refurbishing on-site.

Benefits of buying used rack systems from W.W. Cannon.

With a bit of used rack education along with a trusted partner, buying used or refurbished pallet racks can be an ideal economic choice for your operation.

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