Fall Protection Safety in Dallas TX

OSHA Requires Fall Protection When Working at 4′ Elevation

Falls are one of the most common causes of work related deaths or injuries.  According to OSHA, fall protection is required for anyone working at elevations of 4′ or higher.  Read more about OSHA standards on fall protection.Fall Protection Safety Harness in Dallas TX

When working on overhead platforms, elevated workstations, or over dangerous equipment and machinery, the workplace environment must be set up in a way to best ensure the safety of all employees from falls.

OSHA requires that fall protection be provided:

  • General industry workplaces – elevations of 4′
  • Shipyard environment – elevations of 5′
  • Construction industry – elevations of 6′
  • Longshoring operations – elvations of 8′

Gorbel Fold-Away Fall Protection System

This is where we come in.  We understand safety requirements and the need to work within your budget. Our goal is to provide you with quality protection options to increase the safety of your employees.

Gorbel Fold-Away Fall Protection SystemOur Gorbel Fall Arrest Systems have no equal in safety and quality. A cost-effective, quality system that we like to recommend is the Fold-Away Fall Arrest System.  The concept is simple – deploy it when you need it, and fold it back when you’re done, maintaining productivity without compromising safety.  It’s the perfect solution for work cells requiring access to overhead cranes, when valuable floor space is limited, or when infrequent fall protection is necessary.

Fall Protection System Video Series

In addition to fitting you with the right system for your operation, and providing professional qualified fall system installation, we provide Fall Protection Training for your team, along with teaching videos for each system we install.

This particular training video is for all employees who utilize the Fold-Away Fall Protection System.  The video features a column mounted Fold-Away System. It spans approximately 25′ in length allowing people to work on vehicles and equipment.

Watch our 2 minute Fall Protection System training video!

Contact us or call us at 800.442.3061 for safety consultation or any questions on the Fold-Away Fall Protection System.

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