Warehouse Pallet Rack Safety Netting

Pallet Rack Safety Netting, Cut Cost and Keep Quality

In this season of heightened hygiene and sanitation practice, physical safety is still a priority. Warehouse managers are looking to save money due to negative financial effects of the pandemic. Here’s one way to save money without sparing the quality of safety for your employees.

Warehouse pallet rack safety netting is an effective, simple, and affordable solution for work area protection and flue space compliance. In fact, you’ll save yourself at least 50% or more over solutions such as wire mesh paneling.

Cost-Effective Pallet Rack Safety

Our safety netting for warehouse racks do not require tools or retrofitting, it easily installs in seconds, no special training needed, it’s way more affordable than wire panel rack-backing, and safer than any DIY solution (which we don’t recommend).

Types of Rack Barrier Safety Netting

Rack safety nets will vary by application. All of our nets fit directly into standard uprights and the nets can be used on the front or back of the rack.

Fixed Safety Netting

Fixed Safety Netting for Pallet Rack in Dallas TXRestrains loose, palletized, or shrink wrapped items. Specifically designed to mount to rack back to prevent push through and keep your flue space clear to comply with fire code standards. Mounts and removes quickly to existing rack – no retrofit needed.  High visibility yellow for easy safety checks.

Sliding Safety Netting

Sliding Safety Netting for Pallet Rack in Dallas TXDesigned for pick-and-pack operations.  Offers flexibility to front of picking bays. Keeps goods secure and slides to the side for easy access. Installs into existing racking in seconds – no retrofit needed.  High visibility yellow for easy safety checks.

Modular Safety Netting

Modular Style Safety Netting for Pallet Racking UnitsAllows for overlapping or “shingling” of multiple nets to cover entire height of rack opening. Protects any space quickly and easily – straight out of the box.  Keeps loose items or cartons from falling into a workspace or aisle way. Offers product fall protection for employees and anyone walking by loaded storage racks. Keeps products from falling onto conveyors, machinery, and eliminates product damage.

Benefits of Storage Rack Safety Netting

  • Effective pallet push-through prevention
  • Affordable flue space compliance
  • Installs in seconds
  • No tools required
  • No retrofitting
  • Easy to move and relocate
  • Save 50% or more over wire rackback
  • (Rack Safety Strap) Assembly: 2,400 lb burst strength.
  • (Safety Netting) Cargo Webbing: 2” polyester 10,000 lb break strength
  • (Safety Netting) Seatbelt Webbing: 2″ polyester 6,000 lb break strength

Contact a safety expert today. We’ll assist you with any concerns and find the right solution for your application.  Safety is what we do – each and every day.

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