Custom Material Handling Storage Plannning in Tyler TX by W.W. Cannon

Best Practice Storage for New Electrical Supply Warehouse in Tyler TX

When moving into a new facility, there are many things to consider regarding storage needs.  What is the most efficient way to store our products?  How do we maximize storage to save space?  How do we optimize retrieval in order to speed up delivery?  What equipment do we need to meet our storage capacities?  Which is the safest way to store our products?  Getting the right answers to all the necessary questions saves a bundle of time and money by eliminating guesswork.

Best Practice Storage Planning

Our friends at The Reynolds Company in Tyler TX opened a new storage facility to accommodate their growth.  They needed consultation on best-practice storage planning and they came to us for help.   It was determined that the equipment from their previous facility would not provide the safety or storage efficiency to meet their growth needs so we designed a new system for them – from the ground up.

The new facility needed a new, complete storage system customized to their specific operation.  We knew that Reynolds needed to maximize space and efficiency.  We also understood that they have a very specific labeling system for picking that we needed to take into consideration for layout planning and equipment selection.  The entire system was chosen based upon their requirements.

Shelving supported mezzanine systems in Dallas TXOptimal Storage Equipment & Configuration

  • Shelving was installed for small parts storage with pallet rack mounted above the shelving systems.  This configuration took advantage of the vertical space above the shelving.
  • Safety rack guards were added at the end of the pallet rack rows to protect their equipment and products from accidental forklift collision.
  • A Rousseau shelving supported mezzanine system was installed to provide extra parts storage space above the main floor.  Safety handrail, stairs with rough tred, and easy access gate provide necessary operational protection.Wheel rack and cantilever rack for cable and conduit storage in Dallas TX
  • Cantilever rack for pipe and conduit storage keeps products off the ground.  This provided for extra floor space and protection for the equipment.
  • Reel rack was installed to accommodate the many reels of cords, cables, and wires.  This allowed for easy storage and dispensing of the product.
  • Showcase quality gondola shelving was also installed for the store front display products.

Best Practice Solution

We were happy to assist our friends in providing them with a best-practice solution – the most cost-effective and efficient storage system customized to their needs.  Furnished and installed from the ground up, the new storage system will provide for their current growth and adapt to future needs.

Our friends at Reynolds Company were very pleased with their new customized storage system.  They were even more pleased with our installation crew who finished the entire system before the move-in deadline.

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