Auto Parts Boltless Shelving Storage for Auto Dealership in Rockwall TX

Fast Install with Boltless Shelving for Auto Parts Storage

Modular, easily-adjustable boltless storage shelving creates custom solution for auto service center

At W. W. Cannon, we’re well-known in the car dealership industry for our ability to build client-focused storage solutions that are guaranteed to fit specific needs. One day of hard work by the W.W. Cannon team went into making the most of a small storage space by choosing RiveTier boltless steel shelving.

Our Client
Lakeside Chevrolet, based in Rockwall Texas, is a family-owned automobile dealership and service center that’s dedicated to customer satisfaction. This business offers high-quality cars and premium service, helping their customers feel at home and comfortable with any comments or questions.

The Challenge
RiveTier Boltless Steel Shelving for Auto Parts Storage in Rockwall TXWith this small project, W.W. Cannon was faced with the challenge of helping Lakeside Chevrolet transform an under-utilized storage space at its new location. Our team had about 750 square feet to work with when coming up with solutions.

“This was at an offsite repair facility, and the storage space was needed to store larger parts like hoods, doors, that sort of thing,” said Rode Chambers, automotive specialist at W.W. Cannon.

The Lakeside Chevrolet manager reached out to W.W. Cannon based on a positive experience he had with them at a former employer. “We didn’t have to go in and sell ourselves. He already knew what type of job we’d do for him,” said Chambers. Checking out Lakeside Chevrolet’s new location, Chambers did the measurements himself, ordered the parts, and then installation of RiveTier boltless steel shelving took place in short order.

The Solution

RiveTier Boltless Steel Shelving for Auto Parts Storage in Rockwall TXChambers selected Western Pacific’s RiveTier boltless steel shelving for this client, allowing Lakeside Chevrolet service team members the flexibility they need to easily adjust shelves and racks based on new automotive parts that were ordered into the repair facility. This type of shelving can be easily disassembled, transported and reassembled whenever it’s necessary to create additional storage.

The selected modular units were 4’ by 7’ wide, with wired deck shelving to make the shelves level.

Another reason we selected these products was to reduce costs for Lakeside Chevrolet by maximizing its square footage. In addition, installation costs are 30-40% lower with bolted shelving because the rapid assembly of the “tap together” units saves time. The boltless connections allow for effortless installation, fool-proof assembly, and arrive onsite fully-accessorized.

The Result

Smaller projects of this size are easy for W.W. Cannon’s installation team to complete quickly.

“Since this storage facility is offsite, it was a little different than a normal dealership setting,” said Chambers. “We met the truck, unloaded the equipment and installed it in one day. With a only a couple installers and a few rubber mallets, we had Lakeside Chev operating at full functionality in no time.”

W.W. Cannon makes it a point to never subcontract out its work. “Our installers are our employees. We do our own work,” said Chambers.

“We are able to be in control of when things happen, we’re not at someone else’s mercy. Our guys are all trained in-house and OSHA certified.”

By taking advantage of RiveTier boltless steel shelving, W.W. Cannon was able to save Lakeside Chevrolet more than 20% cost savings and ensured the company could use the space to its fullest potential with minimal time and effort.

Next Step

Our approach is to determine the safest, most cost effective and best-practice solution for your work environment.

W.W. Cannon’s storage specialists are waiting to assist you.  If you need anything – even just to ask a few questions – we’d love to hear from you. To speak to us directly, call us today at 800-442-3061.



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