Industrial Floor Tape Delineation for Warehouse Space Optimization - a Dallas TX Case Study

How to Use Floor Tape to Optimize Warehouse Space and Improve Safety

Improving Warehouse Storage Space With Layout Planning and Floor Tape – a Dallas TX Case Study

Industry: Warehousing & Storage Operation in Dallas TX
Challenge: Efficient space optimization without sacrificing safety
Solution: Application of demarcation lines with safety yellow floor tape
Equipment: Mighty Line Patented Floor Tape

Optimizing Storage Space Without Sacrificing Safety

Our storage client in Dallas, Texas was setting up a new warehouse and wanted to optimize their use of that space without sacrificing the safety of their employees or forklift operators.

They had worked three times previously with W.W. Cannon and knew they could count on us to get the job done. We were brought in for storage layout planning and professional equipment installation.

Storage Equipment Layout Planning and Floor Tape Delineation – Just Put the Sticky Side Down

“The first thing accomplished, says Gregory Brown, President of W.W. Cannon, was working with the customer to find exactly what they needed and doing some careful planning.”

“The customer gave us vault sizes and we planned out the space to maximize storage in areas where they stored and stacked their vaults,” says Brown. “We provided layout drawings first, so we knew where to set the demarcation lines. That ensures proper setting of the vaults in the storage area.”

Once the layout drawings were approved, it was time to tape out the storage zones. Mighty Line patented floor tape was used due to its superior durability and ease of installation.

“This was an important safety application,” says Gregory Brown, President of W.W. Cannon. “Once taped out, the forklift drivers had visuals of well-defined areas for each vault. The storage lines were straight, and the space was optimized for high storage efficiency.”

W.W. Cannon followed up the taping with pallet rack systems and safety guardrail installation to increase collision prevention.

Optimized and Highly Visible Storage Areas Improving Space Use and Safety

Yellow Floor Tape for Warehouse Space Optimization in Dallas TXWith an efficient layout plan and installation by W.W. Cannon, the client was able to store their vaults in organized, orderly rows.

“It was definitely a success,” says Brown. “We fit as many vaults into that warehouse as was safely possible, and our customer was extremely satisfied with the results. This was the fourth warehouse for them in which we applied this custom space efficiency solution.”

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