Modular Office with Load-Bearing Roof for Storage in DeSoto TX

In-Plant QC Office with Load-Bearing Roof for Added Storage

Modular Office Project in DeSoto TX

Industry: Polystyrene Manufacturing Operations in DeSoto TX
Challenge: New warehouse. No office space for quality control tasks. Short on storage space.
Solution: Prefabricated modular office with 125 lb PSF load-bearing roof for storage.
Equipment:  Starrco Modular In-Plant Office Building

Our Client: Polystyrene Fabricator operating in DeSoto, Texas

Since 1948, our client has grown into one of the largest fabricators of cushioning and insulating products. All products are custom designed to fit their client’s needs.  So quality control processes  are important and necessary to maintain excellence ensuring the delivery of  solutions that exceed expectations.  

Challenge: New warehouse without a proper quality control office and short on storage space.

They had procured a new facility to expand their manufacturing operations into the DeSoto area. The warehouse space was ideal for the manufacturing and shipping equipment, but it was missing a necessary operational need.

There were no built-in offices to provide a Quality Control center – the key component to maintaining excellence with their fabricated poly-foam panels. With all the new fabrication equipment taking up space, they also knew they could run short on storage areas.  But they needed to make the space work, so called in material handling and storage specialist, Rode Chambers, to provide a custom solution.

Solution: Starrco Modular In-Plant Office with Load-Bearing Roof for Above Office Storage

With 20+ years of experience providing custom warehouse solutions, Chambers chose Starrco’s prefabricated wall system to accommodate our client’s needs.  He knew they’d be able to handle the additional load-bearing requirements to provide the overhead storage area. 

“A Starrco building with a 125 lb PSF load-bearing roof, makes the most of your vertical space and doubles your floor space. The ground floor is used for the QC office – and the rooftop is perfect for storage or a future second level,” says Chambers.

Fast & Clean Installation

When our professional installation crew arrived, it took only a couple of days to put the entire system together and leave without a trace – except for the new QC office of course.  With Starrco construction, the typical mess, disruption, and downtime that comes with permanent buildings are eliminated as each component is precision cut, manufactured, and carefully labeled for fast, easy construction.  

Another benefit to Starrco’s modular design, is it allows for office space that can be moved or added-on as our client’s business needs change or grow.  It’s a very adaptable system that they can take with them once they outgrow the space.

Chambers stated, “We were able to get them up and running 75 percent faster than any conventional construction crew. It’s a fast, simple quality product and they were very happy with the results.”

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