In-Plant Warehouse Office with Air Conditioning

Pet-Products Manufacturer Tames Hot Texas Warehouse with Cool In-Plant Office

In-Plant Modular Office with HVAC Project in McKinney TX

Industry: Pet Products Manufacturing, McKinney Texas
Challenge: Need fast, professional office space with air conditioning within manufacture warehouse.
Solution: Custom built Modular In-Plant Office with HVAC and safety features.
Equipment:  Starrco Pre-Engineered Modular In-Plant Office
Result: Increased productivity now that supervisors are present on the work floor at all times—and in a climate-controlled, safe environment.

Challenge: Fast, Professional Office Warehouse to Cool Managers within Tight Timeframe

A manufacturer of pet products located in McKinney, Texas needed to add an office for managers and supervisors into its warehouse so they wouldn’t need to shuttle back and forth from the front office—but they didn’t have the time to go through the long process of having contractors design, obtain permits, and build the space.

What’s more, they couldn’t afford to have the down time associated with such projects. Fortunately, Dallas-based material handling equipment supplier W.W. Cannon had the perfect solution.

“Our client needed an air-conditioned office space on the manufacturing and warehouse floor,” explains Greg Brown, president at W.W. Cannon.

Comprehensive Solution: Starrco Pre-Engineered Modular In-Plant Office for a Cool Workspace

The project required design consultation, layout, project management, permitting, and materials (including a fire suppression system and safety guarding) for a total of 6 associates in two offices. W.W. Cannon ultimately provided two Starrco Pre-Engineered Modular Office Spaces complete with HVAC, a modular electric package and cabling boxes (saving on costly trade installations), an Action Automatic Sprinkler Fire Suppression System, and Industrial Depot Guardrail safety barrier.

In addition, W.W. Cannon delivered on a client request for a generous number of windows to facilitate visual management of warehouse and production areas, as well as to increase safety.

Cost Effective & Custom Design: Pre-Engineered Build is Easy to Customize and Cuts Cost

W.W. Cannon was able to deliver a cost-effective and high-quality solution while causing minimal business interruption. Because there’s no painting, no cutting sheetrock, and no installing drywall, most modular offices can be operational within two or three days; the individual components come pre-cut, mitered, and completely finished.

After our professional crew completed installation, the durable, precision-engineered Starrco module was clean, quiet, and solid despite being on the floor of a warehouse and production facility. And because modular offices, while permanent, typically are classified as equipment, no building permits are required, which saves time and cost.

The client had requested good visibility for the work floor so that they could better manage employees and keep an eye on any potential equipment mishaps—and they were quite pleased with the number of windows. The guard rails are doing their part as well, ensuring the new offices are protected from errant forklifts.

Result: Custom In-Plant Office to Keep Cool From the Texas Heat and Increase Productivity

“As a result of the installation, our client is seeing increased productivity now that supervisors are present on the work floor at all times—and in a climate-controlled, safe environment,” President Greg Brown said.

“Additionally, these supervisors now have privacy to work on projects when needed.”

While a pre-engineered modular office is not the solution for every challenge, with this prefab installation W.W. Cannon was able to give its client exactly what was needed, while saving time, money, and frustration.

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