Conveyor for packing process in growing clothing accessory distribution center in Dallas TX

Order Fulfillment System Design & Layout for Maximum Output & Growth

Order fullfillment system design and layout for maximum output and growth bannerDezine News, a Dallas TX based clothing accessories manufacturer, found itself in a wonderful but difficult new position; so many new orders and not enough space or performance capability to keep up with the demand.  It was time to expand.  John Ward of Dezine News and a local consulting company called on W.W. Cannon, Inc. to team up for the opening of their new North Texas distribution center.  Complete services from design, layout, build and installation of the systems that would deliver the fulfillment and logistic results they needed.

“Our business is growing exponentially.  Therefore, investing in the right expandable equipment was very important to us,” comments John Ward of Dezine News.

“Considering all aspects of their process in the distribution center was critical to the design and layout of the equipment and system W.W. Cannon, Inc.  would suggest for Dezine News.  John wanted to ensure the fulfillment and logistics process they had to abide by would allow for maximum output and expandable growth for several years to come,” says Greg Brown, President of W.W. Cannon, Inc.

Setting up packing process conveyor for clothing accessory distribution center in Dallas TX

Chris Bewley, Inside Sales Manager, Richard Fargason, Installation Manager and Greg Brown, President of W.W. Cannon, Inc, worked closely with Dezine News to deliver the turn-key packaging solutions, fulfillment obligations, logistics needs and distribution efficiency and safety systems needed for the opening of the new distribution center.

“Exceeding customer error expectations is a must with our customer base,” says John Ward of Dezine News.

The team at W.W. Cannon, Inc. suggested a turn-key packaging system utilizing a Best Semi Automatic Case Sealer and an Aetna Overhead Spiral Wrapper to keep up with the demand of packaging orders quickly.  Utilizing a Roach transportation conveyor with accumulation and gravity flow racks, Dezine News can meet its fulfillment obligations both now and for the growth that will come in the future.

“We operate like a family so durability, productivity, and well as an attractive look was important to the management of Dezine News,” comments John Ward.

Conveyor for packing process in growing clothing accessory distribution center in Dallas TXW.W. Cannon, Inc. incorporated Fairborn Dock Seals in the warehouse space to maintain the efficiency of the air conditioned space. To help Dezine News integrate fulfillment warehousing and their administrative offices into one facility, Bluff Crash GuardRail was used as a forklift barrier to separate administrative offices from warehouse equipment resulting in a safer environment on both sides of the barrier.

“Our specialty is partnering with companies from every sector to deliver total system solutions for their specific needs,” says Greg Brown, President of W.W. Cannon, Inc.

We want to come along side our customers and help them wrap their arms around their entire process to gain the space, efficiency, productivity and safety they need to grow their business and boost their profits.”

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