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Ecommerce Storage Rack Redesign on a Budget

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Used Teardrop Pallet Rack Project in Arlington TX

Industry: Christmas Decoration Distribution Center in Arlington Texas
Challenge: Budgets are tight and looking for ways to move forward while saving money; even more challenging with a tight deadline.
Solution: Outfit the entire warehouse with high-quality used pallet racking, safety certified, at a fraction of the cost of new, within budget and on time.
Equipment: Quality, Used Teardrop Style Pallet Racking with Used Wire Decking
Result: Huge savings on pallet rack without sacrificing quality.

Sometimes, you need a material storage solution yesterday. That was the case with Decorator’s Warehouse, our retail client in Arlington, Texas.

Decorator’s Warehouse is the largest Christmas store in Texas and the second largest in the nation – and the holidays are right around the corner!

But in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, fewer people are visiting physical stores and buying online is transitioning into the norm. So, it was time to innovate.

Challenge: Pallet Racking on a Tight Budget and Tighter Deadline

“We decided to make it easier for our customers to shop in a way most comfortable for them and launch an e-commerce line of business this year,” said Dan Hutchins, Decorator’s Warehouse Director of E-Commerce.

“We’re redoing our website and getting our warehouse organized for online fulfillment.”

Ecommerce requires a new, better organized fulfillment solution

Though the warehouse was operational in 2019, a new, better organized fulfillment solution was needed if they were to handle a potentially massive influx of online orders.

“Our current system had a method to it, but for the most part, it was just a sea of boxes,” said Hutchins.

“That worked okay for temporary overflow storage, but what we needed was organizational flow to our warehouse storage in order to support ecommerce business.”

Affordable storage rack solutions are now more important than ever

Unfortunately, Hutchins found that the world of pallet racking is, as he put it, “a little bit of a Wild, Wild West Show.” Not wanting to spent top dollar on new pallet racking, they sought out a vendor who could find them a safe, affordable solution.

“We went through vendor after vendor with what we thought was really overpriced racking,” said Hutchins.

“Then W.W. Cannon came through with the best deal for us.”

Solution: Pre-Owned Pallet Racking with Custom Design and Installation Management

When Hutchins reached out to W.W. Cannon, he knew he had found the right company to address his challenge.

“The best part of working with W.W. Cannon is that they came to our facility to help us figure this out. Their knowledge of warehouse organization was extremely helpful,” said Hutchins.

“It’s also very clear that they have the right connections. They know the people to call to get the best deal. It was a winner for us.”

What we came back with was a racking system formerly used at a Home Depot. This racking had very few dents or dings, still displayed their capacity labels clearly, and it was ready to ship.  Best of all, the price was just what Decorator’s Warehouse was looking for.

Rack installation managed and inspected by a qualified crew

Only one week after ordering, the racking arrived. After an additional visual inspection to ensure all racking met OSHA standards, the installation was underway.

“Our client’s crew handled the installation. Our job was to ensure they installed it correctly.”

“We made sure the bolts were secure, the back-to-back bracing was correct, and the beam levels were accurate.  In other words, we made sure the customer installed them per the manufacturer’s guidelines.”

Result: Safe, Quality Storage Racking System at Half the Cost of New

Our client needed an affordable, fast solution to organize their operations. And W.W. Cannon delivered, with a quality, pre-owned pallet rack system secured at nearly half the cost of a new racking system.

Adhering to budget without sacrificing safety

As we slowly come out of this global pandemic, many companies are finding themselves on tight, constrained, or even frozen budgets.

W.W. Cannon understands and is here to help by finding deals that can satisfy most budgets without sacrificing safety.

Quality solutions and service – on time and within budget

“You’ll get lot of personal attention,” says Hutchins.

“They spend a lot of time listening to what you need. They help you understand the industry, what solutions are available, the product options that are out there, and can get you the best deal.”

Quality solutions and even better service—on time and within budget.

“That was 100% our experience; we received the best product out there for the best price and it was delivered on time.”

“We’re very pleased,” says Hutchins.

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