Rack Safety Inspection for Furnished Storage Facility in Dallas TX

Rack Safety Inspection for Furnished Warehouse

Rack Inspection Project in Dallas, Texas

Industry: Inventory Storage and Distribution Center in Dallas TX
Challenge: Acquired new warehouse furnished with used rack system. No history on condition or servicing.
Solution: Pallet Rack Safety Inspection, Rack Repair, Maintenance Plan
Result: Increased safety. Documented health of system. Detailed report with an action plan for repairs.

Challenge: Determining the safety of an existing hard-used rack system.

A distribution center and inventory storage facility needed a full inspection of their existing pallet racking. As a family-oriented business, they place a lot of emphasis on health and safety. They wanted peace of mind that employees were working in a safe environment – as well as assurance that they were in compliance with safety regulations.

Rack safety inspections are a complimentary service that aligns with the Maintenance and Repair program W.W. Cannon offers. Material handling and storage specialist, John Casey, was called to handle the rack evaluation.

“Some clients want an outside inspection of an installation job, or they haven’t had a rack safety assessment in a while and want to make sure their system is safe. Sometimes they’ve just purchased a facility furnished with used rack and want to know if there’s been damage or misuse of equipment.”

“The goal is to head off risk and pass official inspections – which could mean shutting down an entire facility if they don’t pass,” states Casey.

Solution: Rack safety inspection removes the guessing.

W.W. Cannon storage planning experts are steeped in the specific regulations needed to meet OSHA guidelines. We’re skilled at spotting damage, evaluating risk, and offering recommendations for safest operations. This also includes posting safety signs with weight capacities of your system.

“Due to many years of experience with designing and installing racking systems, inspecting them for safe use has always been second nature to us,” says Casey.

Result: Safety you can rely on.

After completing a thorough inspection, Casey created a detailed report outlining the basic health status and highlighting safety concerns about the used rack system. A Rack Risk Level ID was assessed and assigned to rack components with damage. Severe issues were promptly addressed and fixed. Rack repair, and in some cases full replacement, substantially increased the safety of the work environment.

Casey states, “With an ongoing Preventive Maintenance and Repair Plan, our client now has peace of mind that they will pass any official inspection from OSHA, or any other safety group, that could fine them or shut them down.”

Next Steps

  • I wonder if that forklift hit compromised the rack system?
  • Did that beam bend from overloading the max capacity?
  • Is that bent frame brace a safety issue?
  • That bolt on the base looks loose, but what’s one bolt?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions above, you’re at a higher risk for accidents and in need of some kind of rack repair or possible replacement.

Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation risk assessment for your current rack systems.  Don’t wait – we’re here to help you prevent further risk to your crew or facility.

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