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Installing the Same Auto Parts Storage System… Twice!

Our Client
I-20 Dodge Auto Dealer Service Center

While driving through Canton, Texas three years ago, automotive specialist Rode Chambers of W.W. Cannon saw ground being broken on the new I-20 Dodge car dealership. He just thought he’d drop in and see if they needed anything. The owner of I-20 Dodge, and several other dealerships, recognized W.W. Cannon because he’d relied upon them in the past for automotive storage solutions. Chamber’s impromptu visit strengthened this long-term partnership.

Being a 30-year automotive specialist veteran, Chambers knew that a car dealership’s needs are quite different than a standard warehouse.  Parts department dealerships can handle thousands of small, fast moving parts so they need the proper storage equipment and organization procedures to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Chamber said, “I recommended the Rousseau automotive storage line; it’s price competitive, and with a true lifetime warranty, it’s the best buy in the business. And W.W. Cannon is the largest Rousseau dealer in the southwest.”

After reviewing the layout plans – and already familiar with the quality and durability of the Rousseau line – a deal was soon made. The auto parts storage system was purchased and installed by W.W. Cannon’s own professional installation team.  Six months later the I-20 dealership was in operation and preparing for its grand opening. But two weeks before the big day, disaster struck!

Their Challenge
Mother Nature Strikes… Hard

On Saturday evening, April 30, 2017, a F4 tornado roared through northeast Texas. Damage was extensive, and no more so than at I-20 Dodge, which took a direct hit from the tornado. In a few short minutes, the recently completed building and hundreds of new cars and trucks were turned into scrap metal.

Severe tornado damage to auto dealership in TX.

Upon hearing the news, Chambers immediately contacted the dealership to find out if everyone was safe and to find out if they had any current needs.

 “The owner closed down the dealership in plenty of time before the tornado hit, so no one was injured or worse. I asked the parts department manager if he took any photos of the damage. His response was ‘No, it’s not something I ever want to revisit.’”, said Chambers. “They were devestated.”

The parts department manager did discuss their need to rebuild as quickly as possible.

Chamber stated, “The solution we previously provided worked so well, the dealership wanted to recreate it.  I was prepared to sell them new equipment – but then was told that just about the only dealership asset the tornado didn’t destroy was their Rousseau storage system!”

Rousseau auto parts storage with modular drawers for automotive service center

Common Sense Solution
Installing the Same Rousseau System Twice

Construction to replace the dealership was soon underway. The Rousseau system was put in storage, the debris cleared away, and I-20 Dodge was rebuilt from the ground up. The original Rousseau auto center and equipment system were reinstalled by W.W. Cannon’s own professional installation crew using the same design and layout as the original facility.

“They kept me updated as construction progressed, and we worked though the project together,” Chambers said. “W.W. Cannon equipped and installed the first auto center system, and we were right back out there when they needed us again.”

Rebuilding auto dealership after tornado damage

Optimal Result
Doing What We Do All Over Again!

In fact, the auto service center at I-20 Dodge worked so well that W.W. Cannon has been hired to design and layout an auto storage system at a new Subaru dealership developed by the same organization.

“They haven’t even broken ground on the Subaru dealership, but they already want W.W. Cannon involved. If they need any kind of storage for their parts and service department we can supply it. It’s a turnkey project for us.”, stated Chambers.

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