Custom Engineered Steel Staircase

Small Farm Steps Up Safety with Custom Engineered Staircase

Custom Engineered Staircase

Bringing Big Effort and Custom Engineering to a Small Project in Crawford TX

Challenge: Two-story farm house had no safe upper-level entry for family and friends with the holidays approaching fast.
Solution: Custom designed and engineered steel staircase with a safe incline, raised tread on the steps, upper-level platform, and capable of tough, rigorous non-stop use.
Result: Safe, custom-designed stair solution for a really big family, providing safe access to the second-level entry.

The holidays were approaching fast, and our client in Crawford, Texas was about to face a major change in his life… and housing situation.  His nephew was getting married into a large family of 12 children, and a lot of them were about to come visit the farm for the holidays.

To ensure safe access for his family and reduce traffic to the main house, he reached out to W.W. Cannon to see about replacing a second-floor balcony with a sturdy industrial staircase.

Challenge: Custom, Safe Stair Solution on a Tight Timeline and Budget

“This was a residential project, which makes it out of the ordinary for us,” says W.W. Cannon Material Handling Specialist Doug Hutchins.

“Yet people with unique equipment needs still come to us with questions like ‘Where can I get an engineered staircase?’ or ‘How can I get a stainless steel, OSHA approved, IBC stair platform?’ And the answer to these questions is W.W. Cannon.”

“We’re more than just a distribution company – we’re a solutions partner, no matter the size of the project.”

For this particular solution, our client had a few special qualifications. They needed one custom-engineered staircase built for heavy use and safe so the grandchildren could easily run up and down.

This may seem like a lot of work for a smaller project, but our client relationships matter. We provide the same high-level of quality and care to all projects we take on.  And sometimes the smaller requests turn into huge projects down the line.  

Solution: Custom-Designed Steel Platform Staircase

We turned to our good friends at Bluff Manufacturing for the request. Bluff is a manufacturer of engineered, custom designed steel platforms and structures.

Family safety was a priority, so we had the industrial platform staircase designed with a safer incline, raised tread on the steps, and capable of tough, rigorous non-stop use by both adults and children.

Per our customer’s request, the staircase was custom powder-coated black to blend in with the home environment better (industrial staircases are usually manufactured in gray or yellow).

To help save on costs, we invited them to bring a trailer to our warehouse to pick it up. We also provided them with safe installation instruction and basic guidance so they could install the unit themselves.

Result: The Importance of Value – No Matter the Size of the Project

To some this may seem like a small project, but it had big value and meaning to this family.

Our client now has a custom-designed stair solution providing safe access and peace-of-mind for their precious family.

“Most important to me, this will keep my family safe. It will also keep them from coming through my main floor,” our client said.

“We are so grateful we found someone willing to help us get it done in time!”

No matter the job, you can expect the same level of effort and safety in every solution from W.W. Cannon.

“We’re in the business of solving problems and providing the right solution ,” says Hutchins.

“Whether it’s a simple staircase for a family or a million-dollar commercial project – we’re capable and willing to find the right solution to meet our customer’s needs.”

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