Cities Vending Mezzanine Work Platform Ft. Worth TX

Think You’re Out of Space? Look Up! 200% Space Increase With Work Platform System

Mezzanine Work Platform Project | Fort Worth, Texas

Industry: Vending Machine Operations in Fort Worth TX
Challenge: Maxed out work space with a growing demand for more space.
Solution: Storage strategist and team create an entire new elevated floor by adding a mezzanine work platform.
Result: Doubled workspace area with a quick 3-day install and minimum downtime.
Equipment: Structural Steel Mezzanine Work Platform

As their name suggests, City Vending Company of Fort Worth, Texas, knows a thing or two about all things vending. Since 1961 they’ve been the go-to experts in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex for snacks and drinks, coin-operated amusements, juke boxes, pool tables, coffee services – you name it.

Recently, they constructed a brand new warehouse facility to house their fluctuating collection of large machines.  Although it was designed with growth in mind, the building was quickly packed with the large, sometimes oversized, tools of the trade.

Challenge: Maxed out on space.

High ceilings – the perfect ingredient for adding a second floor level.

“They didn’t just need storage space, they needed to be able to efficiently access key machines, “ said W.W. Cannon Storage Planning Specialist Doug Hutchins.

City Vending houses a large collection of used machines that are regularly harvested for parts. They vary in size, but some pool tables, for example, take up quite a bit of room. And they can’t be packed in too tightly, otherwise disassembling them for components would be too difficult and time consuming.

Something had to be done to keep this aspect of the business running efficiently. Fortunately, when planning the new facility, they gave it high ceilings – the perfect ingredient in any building, for adding a second floor level with a mezzanine work platform.

Solution: Where’s an extra 768 square feet when you need it?

High ceilings give you more options.

Because of the high ceiling, we were able to design and install a 768 square foot elevated work platform for added space – all without knocking down a wall, or adding square footage to the floorplan.

“It was practically free space, except for the air lines and building columns,” said Hutchins.

Result: Extra space in only 3 days.

That’s what we call “easy”.

Only a 3 day install for the entire work platform system.

City Vending was ready to do what was needed for extra space. Fortunately, we had a clear view of how to make this project happen with as little inconvenience to our client as possible.

First of all, to ease the installation efforts, our professional installation team completely designed around not only the building columns, but also the existing air lines.

“It may sound simple, but the fact that we could design an install around their existing structural components made it easier on our client”, says Hutchins. “They didn’t have to hire additional contractors to do anything. This made for  a simple and quick installation.”

Doubled their floor space with efficient access to all parts.

So quick that the job was done in just three short days.

“We knew we could make a big difference for City Vending,” Hutchins said. “They had all the right components; they just needed a hand from our experts.”

“Now, not only do they have more space for more storage, but they have the flexibility they needed to access parts.”

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