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Moving Into A Warehouse In Need Of Dock Door Repair

A Smarter Way to Open Shop
Existing Dock Doors Get A Maintenance Makeover  – a Greenville TX Case Study

Industry: MRO Equipment Distributor in Greenville TX
Challenge: Moving into a warehouse that had been unused and equipment needed to be safe and operational
Solution: Inspection and repairs to all dock doors to ensure safety and peak performance
Service: Dock door repair provided by Certified & Trained Technicians

Existing Dock Doors In A State Of Disuse a.k.a. Don’t Let the Door Hit You…Literally

NCH Partsmaster in Greenville TX, purchased an existing warehouse for their new distribution center.  The facility had been vacant and dock doors had gone unused over a long period of time.

Being unaware of the state of their newly acquired equipment, they were concerned for the safety of their employees as well as potential disruptions in productivity. Naturally, they called in the W.W. Cannon crew of specialists and certified technicians to do necessary dock door preventive maintenance prior to moving in.

Move In Smart With Dock Door Inspection & Repair

Certified & Trained Material Handling Installers & Service TechsWhen dock equipment sits unused for long periods of time, you can count on operational issues. The warehouse dock doors were in need of repair with some of the doors not functioning at all. According to W.W. Cannon Automotive & Material Handling Specialist Rode Chambers, having a preventive maintenance plan performed by certified technicians is the best way to ensure safety and productivity.

“Some of the dock doors weren’t operational and simply not safe,” says Chambers. “If we wouldn’t have inspected and repaired those doors, those loading bays would have been dangerouse to use. It would’ve been a matter of time before malfunctioning parts could have caused the doors to jam or to crash down – a very serious hazard.”

Luckily, NCH Partsmaster is a company that cares greatly about their employee’s safety as much as they do efficiency. They were aware of the risk, called in Rode and the dock repair tech team, and knew they’d be well cared for.

“Same day, we examined and tested the doors, documented the issues, and provided a quote. They ended up fixing everything we recommended,” says Chambers. “We got them up and running before the distribution center was opened.”

DC Opened On Time Running High-Performance Shipping

“NCH folks know if they call me, they’ll get excellent service and be treated well. That’s what they expect, and that’s what we do.”

“Before opening shop in an existing warehouse, it’s important to have us come out and do PM (preventive maintenance) on all dock doors,” says Chambers. “That’s the first thing that should happen — make sure parts are in peak working order, doors are properly lubricated, and they work safely like they’re supposed to.”

Thanks to NCH Partsmaster’s safety first mindset, they can rest easy knowing there are absolutely no safety or productivity issues.

“They were really glad we were able to get out there and get it resolved for them,” says Chambers. “NCH folks know if they call me, they’ll get excellent service and be treated well. That’s what they expect, and that’s what we do.”

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