Hazard solutions for conveyor in Dallas TX

Catwalk Solves Conveyance Hazard for Bottle Manufacturer

Hazard solutions for conveyor in Dallas TXConveyor operations need to flow smoothly in order to maintain efficiency.  Sometimes a product can jam the flow and cause major issues.  It’s great when a person can safely, manually remove the blockage – but what if the conveyor is over 7 ft. high?

Safety First & ProductivityConveyor unit - over 7 ft. high of stacked conveyors in Dallas TX

Our friends run a plastic bottle manufacturing facility in Fort Worth TX.  They’re manufacturing Gatorade bottles, OJ bottles, Coke bottles, etc.  Their problem was plastic bottles were occasionally getting stuck at the top of the conveyor system which was out of arms reach – at least 10 ft. off the ground.  At that height it was too dangerous for employees to climb up to manually remove the problem bottles.

They were looking to us for a solution that would improve safety and productivity.  Material handling specialist, Doug Hutchins, listened carefully to their needs.  It was well understood that the goal was to provide a way for employees to take out jammed bottles safely and quickly.

Custom Engineered Catwalk SystemCustom engineered catwalk system solved conveyor hazard in Dallas TX

There was no more than a 22 in. gap between two stacked conveyor units where they were having issues.  Doug’s custom solution involved a narrow catwalk system with a safety yellow ship’s ladder for safe climbing.  He brought the concept to the engineering team who quickly drew up the plans.  Safety details were not overlooked such as non-slip diamond tread and a kick-plate lining the entire catwalk to block tools from falling off and hitting people or damaging equipment.

The catwalk was 16 ft. long, over 7 ft. tall, and 22 in. wide.  The install was handled by W.W. Cannon installation technician, Jody Rodgers.  It was definitely a challenge to install the catwalk unit within such a narrow aisle.  Jody knew that a portion of the manufacturer’s production would be delayed so he and his team worked smart and fast.Safety diamond tread platform on catwalk system in Dallas TX

Conveyor Operations – Back On Track

The installation team got the job done in one day – getting operations back on its feet and in full production.  Now when the need arises to troubleshoot jammed bottles, the employees are in safe hands on their new catwalk system.  Kaleb, who oversaw the entire project, was thrilled with the custom engineered catwalk, the quality of the product, and the skill and speed of the installers.  We’re happy we could play a part in increasing the safety of their operations.

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