Combine Carton Flow Shelving and Conveyor for Quick Order Fulfillment

Carton Flow ShelvingCarton Flow Shelving Meets Quick Order Fulfillment

To retrieve split case or full case items for quick order fulfillment carton flow shelving is the answer.  Product is loaded into the carton flow shelving from the back giving you a FIFO scenario.

Loading can be done during slower or non pick times preparing for the battle of the day (fulfilling orders on time)  A conveyor shelf in front of the carton flow holds a corrugated shipping box that the order is being picked into in this scenario.  The order could be 1 or multiple items.   A powered transportation conveyor behind the fulfillment operator takes the box away to a carton sealer and then on to be palletized (if a multiple box order) or shipped as an individual box.Conveyor System and Carton Flow Shelving

The order sequence looks like this:  

  • Carton flow shelving has roller lanes with adjustable width dividers.
  • Each lane serves a particular part number.
  • An operator is assigned to a zone within the row of carton flow.
  • A manifest is printed and placed in a box at the start of the conveyor shelf in front of the carton flow.
  • As the box and manifest work its way down the line, the operator checks the manifest and places part numbers from their zone into the box.
  • The box is pushed forward until all items from the manifest have been placed in the box (or when the manifest is fulfilled).
  • At this point the operator places the box on the transportation conveyor.Pallet Rack and Conveyor

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