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“W. W. Cannon is a great part of what we do. Greg and Sonia Brown are not only a great part of what we do in Mexico, but they are also great friends. In life, one only has a few very close friends. We feel very fortunate and thankful that the Brown family is part of that few for us.”  Mary Lou and Larry Myers – Mexico Ministries Founders

The Brown Family with Larry Myers - Mexico Ministries
The Brown Family with Larry Myers – Mexico Ministries

Lifelong friends are indeed a treasure!  When Larry Myers of Mexico Ministries shared his vision for the people of Chiapas, I knew this was a man of integrity who I could trust, and support.  Larry’s passion for empowering indigenous leaders with the tools to build people, churches, homes, Bible schools, two medical clinics and currently a hospital is inspiring!

Each year my family commits to joining forces with Mary Lou and Larry Myers with new projects, including assisting with the labor intensive projects throughout Mexico.

Read about what our friends have been accomplishing through God in Mexico. (June 2014 Newsletter)

Larry Myers founded Mexico Ministries in 1978 after more than a decade of pastoring congregations in Texas. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1937, Larry spent his early years living a “Huckleberry Finn” life along the banks of the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers. The middle of ten children, he grew up in very poor circumstances, and sees now how even his childhood prepared him to minister among the poorest of the poor in Mexico.

Being an avid outdoorsman prepared Larry for a ministry that has included traversing the mountains, jungles and rivers of Mexico to bring the Gospel to people who have never heard it.  He has spent more than thirty years sleeping in tents, hiking up mountains, and maneuvering rivers in order to share Christ’s love with others, and to help them establish congregations and build church buildings from the the Rio Grande to the border of Guatemala.IMG_20130812_090017_477_tuxtlaroofinside1

His story can be read in his autobiography, “Hungry for God”…

P1040264 – Click link to read Charisma Magazine’s interview with Larry Myers

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