Beat the Texas Heat with 2 Cost-Efficient Warehouse Cooling Systems

During the summer months, Texas temperatures can get up to a scorching 110 + degrees F. Within a fast-paced warehouse, the high heat and strenuous physical activity drastically increases the risk of heat related illness.

Heat Risk for Warehouse Workers

When our bodies are exposed to high humidity, along with the heat and activity, our internal temperature rises which can cause heat rash or heat stroke. 

Once internal temps reach 100.4 degrees, workers start to lose concentration, have difficulty focusing, and become irritable and sick. The risk increases for fainting and possible death if they don’t receive immediate care.

At a heat of 100+ degrees F, OSHA recommends additional precautions to be taken for workers.  OSHA’s Heat Index Chart is helpful for employers to follow when estimating precaution.

2 Cost-Efficient Cooling Strategies

Being a Texas company, we KNOW how to keep cool.  Our experienced specialists solve heat issues with a variety of cooling solutions customized to our client’s facility needs.  Here’s two of our tried-and-true, cost-efficient methods for keeping workers cool during Texas heat streaks. 

1. Cut Your A/C Costs in Half

Akon Insulated Environmental Curtain Wall in Dallas TXAdd an Insulated Environmental Curtain Wall in the center of the warehouse to keep out the heat and allow the A/C to run within the half where people work.

R3 temperature rating, environmental grade insulated curtain walls can be customized to the exact size needed.  Strip doors provide easy access for forklift drivers. Curtains can be attached to the walls and ceiling with full height vertical Velcro to prevent AC loss.

  • Rapid energy savings
  • Easy to move and customize
  • Prevents condensation
  • Doubles as noise control

2. Feel the Breeze with a BIG Fan

6-Blade HVLS Fan for Warehouse Cooling in TXHigh Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans increase consistent air flow. Proven to relieve heat stress and fatigue, HVLS fans reduce the perceived air temperature by 10 to 15 degrees F.

The 6-Blade Warehouse Fan lowers energy costs up to 30%. Air velocity is increased in the hot summer months and de-stratifies hot air pockets in the winter.

LCD touchscreen display panels allow adjusting fan speeds and rotation with just one touch.  Built in safety controls tie into the building fire system and will shut down in case of an emergency.

  • Superior airflow distribution
  • Minimizes temperature differential from ceiling to floor
  • Cost-effective alternative to air conditioning
  • Reduces condensation, corrosion and mold
  • Silent operation
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