DIY Carton Flow? Success with Lean Manufacturing

Carton Flow Rack - BEFORE
Carton Flow Rack – BEFORE

Have you ever tried to DIY your own warehouse solution? If so, you’ll know that it’s difficult because your project may have ended up looking like this BEFORE image. So what do you do?

Many people have found success by calling in a material handling expert on efficient space organization. Our customer did exactly that. After the DIY didn’t solve the problem, W.W. Cannon material handling specialists were called in to provide a lean manufacturing strategy.

Pre-Built Pallet Rack Gravity Flow Levels
Carton Flow Rack – AFTER

Pallets and boxes all over the warehouse floor aren’t an efficient storage strategy, I think we all agree. The DIY project was flimsy and wasn’t customized to fit the appropriate amount of boxes. We found that they had some pallet rack that could be retrofitted with pre-built levels of custom carton flow rollers. They didn’t need to buy new racking – money saver! We determined the best fit for the space, added the universal adapter clip to the rows of gravity flow, and created an efficient carton flow rack system.

Problem solved! Entire installation time took 1/2 day with no disruption to their current productivity. Their inventory now up off the floor and stored in an organized, efficient storage and retrieval system. Inventory now ready for quick-picking with improved picking operations.

Pre-Built Pallet Rack Gravity Flow Levels

  • Complete pre-built kits ready to install and use.
  • Levels ship assembled, just insert the rollers and guides at the required distance to fit your bins or boxes.
  • Every level includes 12 rollers (6 pairs) and 5 guides.
  • Additional rollers and guides can be purchased.
  • Using universal adapter clips, Gravity Flow Levels fit most tear drop pallet rack systems on the market.

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