Dock Door Bug Screen for Insect Protection & Ventilation

Dock door solutions for Dallas TX

“Let the fresh air in and keep the pests out!”

Open dock doors invite in every bug, bird, rodent and passing stranger walking by. Unsecured doors can also lead to the loss of your valuable inventory and goods.

Ventilation or Unwanted Pests?

Dock door bug screens down - dock door protection in Dallas TXFolks at one of the oldest and most experienced importer, wholesaler and distributor of Asian food products in North America contacted us due to ventilation and insect issues within their dock areas.  They wanted a way to keep air flow throughout their facility.  Closing their dock doors in the heat of summer caused difficult working conditions but keeping the doors open invited in all kinds of unwanted critters.

Bug Blocker Overhead Screen Door

Dock door bug screens up - dock door protection in Dallas TXSales specialist, Morgan Kirby, offered a smart solution that satisfied our client’s needs – The Bug Blocker Overhead Screen Door.  It alows fresh air in while keeping bugs and unwanted visitors out.  The #12 inch strong stainless steel wire mesh provides a physical, close fitting barrier.  Ventilation is improved by free access of air for cooling, minimizing odors, fumes, and vapors within the dock area.

The screen door works in conjunction with your existing dock doors.  We add a switch mechanism and a second set of horizontal tracks to your present door’s vertical tracks. Bug Blocker Overhead Screen Door is lockable and can be motorized for efficiency.

Federal Specification Compliance

Outside view of dock door bug screenThe stainless steel screen mesh complies with or exceeds all food safety & food defense regulations for food plant, operations or facility applications.


  • Keeps out humans, pests, birds, wildlife, and insects
  • Standard commercial grade hardware
  • Stainless steel wire mesh that meets Federal Specifications STD A-A_1037B .023″ 12×12 mesh for security doors .011” 30×30 mesh for food applications
  • Innovative switch design allows The Bug Blocker to be used in conjunction with the existing overhead door system.
  • Torsion spring kit included
  • Aluminum frame construction
  • Widths up to 24 feet

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