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NCH Partsmaster is the leader in products for the maintenance, repair, and overhaul industry (MRO). They sell products and solutions to help other companies maintain and repair heavy equipment.  In order to quickly get their products to their clientele, NCH Partsmaster maintains a large warehouse. However, in early 2017 the company was facing a big problem.

Temporary Office Space? Modular, Portable Offices That Move With You

NCH Partsmaster was moving into a temporary empty warehouse space in Dallas, Texas. But, they knew that they’d only be in the warehouse for a short time before having to relocate again to a new space 7- miles east of Dallas to Greenville, Texas.

Of course, they needed to continue serving their customers with the same level of efficiency that their reputation was built on.  Which meant they still needed to operate out of a fully functional office in Dallas during their transition. Once the new warehouse in Greenville was operational, they needed an efficient process to get up and running in order to minimize the impact on their customers.

Since building a brick and mortar office in a temporary warehouse space didn’t make economic sense, NCH Partsmaster turned to W. W. Cannon to help solve their problem.

Starrco Modular, Portable Building Systems Solve the Problem

Temporary office space with modular office building systems by W.W. Cannon in Dallas TXNCH Partsmaster had worked with W.W. Cannon many times in the past and knew their storage specialist partner was up to this particular challenge. After proposing a best-practice solution to install a Starrco Modular Office in the temporary warehouse in Dallas, the partners came to a decision.

W.W. Cannon material handling and automotive storage specialist, Rode Chambers, stated, “The Starrco building was chosen because they are the best ‘modular plug and play system’ in the industry today.”

“One of the significant advantages of the Starrco modular building system is that all you have to do to run power or internet to the entire building is connect everything to a single box. There’s no need for the extra expense of bringing in a crew of IT professionals or electricians.”

The Starrco modular office was quickly assembled by the WWC professional installation team in the Dallas warehouse space – which provided NCH Partsmaster the office space required to continue working during their transition.

However, the most challenging part of the project was yet to come. The two companies still had to move the modular office to the new warehouse in Greenville.

Only 4 Days to Relocate The Modular Office Space!

Temporary office space with modular office building systems by W.W. Cannon in Dallas TXNCH Partsmaster needed its business office to be moved and set up quickly to keep on track with its own customer’s demands. Their faith in W.W. Cannon was rewarded when the entire office was disassembled, transported from Dallas to Greenville, installed and in working order – in only four days.

Remembering the rapid transition, Chambers said, “Can you move my office in three to four days? Not many places can say yes to that.”

However, the entire move went off without a hitch and NCH Partsmaster continues to use the office as its main work area in the Greenville location. With professional installation by W.W. Cannon and the well-known Starrco aesthetic design, the office has a clean, corporate appearance.  And should the company ever need to expand the office, W.W. Cannon can easily add-on a new module in just a few days.

“Once a new module is added, no one can tell from the inside or the outside that the office didn’t always look like that,” Chambers said.

NCH Partsmaster is thrilled with its office and even happier that the move and rebuild happened in such a short time, exactly as promised by W.W. Cannon.

For Modular Office & Building Solutions, contact W.W. Cannon in Dallas TXWe offer best-practice solutions along with installation and training for most equipment we sell.

Call us directly at 800-442-3061 with any questions you have regarding modular office and building systems.  We look forward to partnering with you.


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