Greg Brown President W.W. Cannon Interviewed on Manufacturing Revival Radio at MODEX 2014

MODEX 2014 Radio Interview with Greg Brown
MODEX 2014 Radio Interview with Greg Brown

Manufacturing Revival Radio, a weekly podcast about the resurgence of American manufacturing, invited special guest Greg Brown President at W.W. Cannon, Inc. to be a part of the show.  Todd Schnick and Todd Youngblood hosts of the radio program interviewed the material handling leader.

Up for discussion during the interview:

Greg Brown, President of W.W. Cannon
Greg Brown, President of W.W. Cannon

• Typical challenges W.W. Cannon solves for its customers
• Intelligent lifting devices and their impact on the market
• Automation vs. human – the “pilot” has to be part of the process
• “Collaboration between the human and the machine…”
• Intensely focus on making existing products BETTER, instead of inventing new solutions
• Focus on the future of the Material Handling Industry
• Growth of W.W. Cannon

To listen to the entire podcast:

Brown noted, “Intelligent lifting devices would be found in the material handling world and are simply hung from a crane of some type. [They are typically used] when customers are looking at more precision than just up/down, one speed or more power, than what the operator can just loading something [on their own].  So [when] they are looking for precision, power, speed; they are going to turn to one of these intelligent lifting devices which is a turbo driven product. It has a computer in it and it senses the pressure the operator puts on the part and it actually picks the part up. It seems like the operator is picking the part up, but he is actually assisted by the lifting device.”

Intelligent Lifting Devices:

W.W. Cannon, Inc. has been the name to trust for material handling, industrial storage, packaging, and auto parts storage and service department equipment specialists. The supply chain leader offers complete material handling and industrial storage solutions, from design and project management, to install and follow-up. Not only do they have the cutting-edge material handling products to take business to the next level, they have the design experience to make sure your industrial storage project stays on schedule and on budget from start to finish.

Contact us with any questions regarding your material handling application.  We are happy to assist you with the right solution for your needs.

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