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Hits Happen – When To Repair or Replace Warehouse Rack

Hits Happen – When To Repair or Replace Your Warehouse Rack

In most warehouses and distribution centers, some form of damage to your warehouse rack system is inevitable. It’s going to take some hits – and when it does, you’ll have two choices: Repair or Replace?

Safety and cost are the biggest concerns, so factors need to be weighed carefully – and there are many factors involved. Having regular rack system maintenance, safety inspections, along with good documentation will make for a smoother process.

When Damage Leads To Disaster

Example of damaged warehouse pallet rack column - pictureRack specialists, who have many years of experience, are the most adept at discerning when damage will lead to disaster.  They understand how to categorize damage in order to maintain safety and workflow.  Factors they consider when deciding to replace or repair rack systems are: the extent of the damage, current condition and age of system, storage history, expected life-cycle, and ROI.  What’s best for your business is the most important factor.

When the rack damage is extensive or complex, and safety regulations must be adhered to, the best decision may be to replace with new equipment.  But sometimes, if the damage is at a lower level, a warehouse rack repair option makes sense.  Rack repair is less expensive, faster, and less disruptive to your workflow than a full replacement.

Read more about how we assess risk and rack damage – Rack System Damage – Risk Level Evaluation & Identification

Repair is Less Expensive, Faster, & Less Disruptive

Warehouse Rack Repair Solutions - pictureThe most common damage remedied by rack repair is forklift impact to the front column of the rack’s upright frame.  Once the damage has been identified and documented, the repair should be made immediately to ensure safety.

Rack Repair Solutions PDF

No need to shut down your entire workflow.  Unlike rack replacement, rows of product stays put.  No time is lost by unloading/reloading product.  No dismantling/reinstalling rack components either.

Warehouse Rack Repair Process

  • While fully loaded, the damaged rack is supported with custom designed lift equipment that stabilizes the entire rack system
  • Area of damage is quickly measured and removed
  • All bolted,12 to 10 gauge steel, impact protected kits are used to repair lower level columns or the entire bottom of the frame
  • Average repair time of 30 min
  • Professional, factory trained repair crew

Warehouse Rack Repair Data Sheet - picture of formFill out our Warehouse Rack Repair Data Sheet and get it back to us.  We’ll find you the right repair solution.

Our approach is to determine the safest, most cost effective and best long-term solution for getting your warehouse rack in working and safe order.   W.W. Cannon’s rack experts are waiting to assist you.  If you need anything – even just to ask a few questions – we’d love to hear from you.

To speak to us directly, call us today at 800-442-3061.



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