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Small LeadURship LogoDefining leadership can be daunting. Yet, we need leadership more than ever in this day and age – those leaders that lead by example.

Many of us imagined being in charge and becoming the commander. I believe it is noble to want to lead others. While my own professional experience with those leading me has been mostly positive (and was most always by example), it is not by and large the experience of others. I can admit I’ve had my fair share of encountering less than desirable leadership while in volunteer positions. Leaders who do not lead by example leave a wake of frustration, demoralization and downright stifled employees who will rarely perform to their maximum potential, much less contribute to the success of the company.

Salvatore Giunta Medal of Honor
Great leader by example and inspirational speaker, Salvatore Giunta Medal of Honor Recipient

We figure out as adults, looking back to our childhood, the negative realities of poor leadership. Poor leadership results can be disastrous. We come to realize any organization must be led to succeed, especially the family. While leading as a parent, my sense of responsibility and desire created an attitude of, “If I want my kids to be better, then, I better lead better!” All people encounter some hypocrisy in their families and probably as adults laugh with their siblings, and sometimes their parents around the holiday table as they remember some of the less painful hypocritical happenings. I believe leading my family in a direction that will yield better odds of a successful life pattern will produce desirable results. We can remember the, “Do as I say, not as I do” moments. Use these memories to motivate yourself to lead by virtuous and honorable values by example to those around you.

To be a good leader we must be there; physically, emotionally, and intellectually and be willing to communicate clearly the direction we are going. There are no short cuts to the top.  Your organization will not benefit after you get to the top if you act as though you are entitled to a permanent vacation while still hanging on to control.  Leading others in their work and their own personal development is servant leadership.  Be a good leader by serving those you lead by your own good example.

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