Pallet Rack Coming Down: Used Equipment Available to Install at your Location the Week of July 20

image01Dismantling, Bundling up, and Ready for Install at your Location! Available July 20!

Wide Span is multipurpose shelving that offers a variety of solutions for medium to heavy storage loads. This cost effective storage system has configuration options to best fit your unique warehouse requirements.

Wide Span Uprights: 18′ x 24″ – QTY 90
Wt. Cap. 4000 lbs.

Beams: 96″ x 3” – QTY 1458


Wire deck provides durability, strength and safety with quick and easy installation time!

image7Wire Decks: 24″ x 46″ – QTY 1458

Guard Rail: 4″ x 3″ – QTY 720 – Anchored every 4′

MX Uprights: 18′ x 42″ – QTY 72

MX Beams: 96″ x 4″ – QTY 480

Wire Decks: 42″ x 46″ – QTY 434

Cantilever Rack is a space saver that allows for storage of long or bulky items. Designed with a center column this system puts your horizontal space to good use!


Roll Form Cantilever:

image03Columns 16′ – QTY 11

Bases 48″ – QTY 11

Arms 48″ – QTY 43

Horizontal Braces – QTY 40

Mezzanine: 42′ x 37′  With Bar Grading w/Stairs & Platform

Pallet Protectors:

42″ T x 116” Long   QTY 24 (20 Posts)

Pallet Protectors:

image0242″ T x 44″ Long   QTY 2

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