Part III – Mezzanine Work Platform Decking Complete in Auto Distribution Center in CA

Elevated Work Platform with ResinDek Finished FlooringResinDek flooring covers over 10,000 sf of each elevated work platform floor.

For this particular 20,000 sf elevated work platform being installed in an auto parts manufacturing facility in California, our client chose ResinDek Flooring to cover their mulitple platform floors.  The flooring was selected due to it’s professional, polished appearance, its resilience to heavy loads, and superior wear and scratch resistance.

ResinDek floors are manufactured panels of solid composite wood construction with surface coating options that won’t separate or need heavy maintenance like other poly-deck floors.  There are several surface options developed for light load accomodations, ESD protection, and heavy equipment, high traffic work areas.

Typical Mezzanine Platform Decking Options

ResinDek – Engineered flooring panels are designed and built to withstand heavy equipment, rolling carts and pallet jack loads – up to 4500 lbs live and dead loads

  • Elevated Work Platform Flooring Options10 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • LEED and FSC Certified
  • Significant money savings over concrete
  • Significant savings with ability to reduce overall amount of structural steel
  • Egonomics – reduces tibial shock which reduces personnel injuries over time
  • Most resilient work surface – handles rigorous demands of ultra-high rolling traffic
  • Durable floor system ensures reduced maintenance over concrete and other flooring types
  • Finished easy to clean surfaces

Corrugated Decking – Steel underlay of an elevated work platform.  Used to reinforce resin board and concrete flooring. Galvanized top and white underside. Available in 3 different gauges.

Open Bar Grate – Ideal option when light and airflow are important. Open grate provides air circulation and lighting below your elevated platform. If used, may eliminate need for a sprinkler system.

Open Steel Plank – Ideal for wear and tear of industrial applications. Galvanized for resistance to corrosion and extra durability.  Allows for light, airflow, and sprinkler penetration.

Diamond Grip Flooring – Heavy duty steel flooring option with diamond plate tread. Durable and wear-resistant. Anti-skid diamond grip provides additional traction for safety.

Concrete – Concrete over corrugated steel deck in a strong non-combustible option. Easy to clean. Permanent structure. Ideal for heavy manufacturing and wash down areas.

Other important phases of this project:

 Part I – Mezzanine Footings Installation

Part II – Mezzanine Footings Complete

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