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Autumn Clean Up? A Great Time To Start A Preventative Maintenance Plan For Your Warehouse & Dock Equipment

Autumn is almost upon us – as well as its downpour of leaves and debris.  Dock levelers and dock doors increase in wear and reduce in effectiveness when leaves, sticks, packaging products, pebbles, etc. are continually tossed into the mechanical components.

Especially during the Fall season, a solid preventative maintenance plan is crucial for the safety and longevity of your warehouse equipment. Routine maintenance extends the life of your equipment and also helps to prevent the possibility of downtime and accidents. Without a maintenance plan, premature failure of your equipment is almost certain.

Maintaining Equipment Efficiency – Your equipment is the foundation of your operations

The lifeforce of your operations is driven by the operational efficiency of your workplace.  In order for you to meet your client’s needs, all your storage and material moving equipment must be in top working order.  Safety is also a consideration when your employees rely on the equipment to function properly every day.  A loose spring could cause a dock door to crash down, a malfunctioning hydraulic on your dock leveler could cause a forklift or pallet jack to shift and drop a load, a damaged pallet rack upright could compromise the integrity of the entire bay.  A regularly scheduled preventative maintenance plan will keep your equipment running at peak performance and will extend the life of your equipment – saving you time and money.

Autumn Clean Up For Your Equipment – A great time to start a PMP

If you don’t already have one, get on board. Schedule a preventative maintenance walkthrough by one of our specialized material handling technicians.  We offer a complete preventative maintenance plan (PMP) for your equipment with a competitive pricing structure.  All of our technicians are certified and trained.  Each PMP is customized to our client’s specific needs. Typical equipment included are conveyor systems, rack storage systems, dock levelers, dock lifts, dock doors, high-speed doors, and truck restraints.

All of our comprehensive PMPs include:

  • Routine scheduling of qualified equipment customized to your needs
  • Thorough cleaning of all equipment and functioning area
  • All inspections and repairs by trained and certified technicians
  • Quotes for recommended repairs/replacements are provided
  • All equipment numbered and logged by type, brand, size, and model
  • Consistent follow-ups to ensure your needs have been met
  • “On Call Priority Service” for emergencies
  • Preferred pricing on parts, labor, and equipment
  • Hands-on training for safe operation of equipment
  • Detailed checklist after every visit with summary
  • Comprehensive records of inspections and evaluations
  • Comprehensive reports – all complying with OSHA standards
  • Complete customer service satisfaction – we make sure you’re pleased

Contact us today!

Contact us for a PMP quote or to schedule a walkthrough today, or call us direct at 800-442-3061. We know that trust is earned and our clients are happy to testify – ask us for references!

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