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Preventative Maintenance Plans – Planning For Future Growth

History – Who you are and forecasting where you’re going.

A company’s ongoing history is an important gauge for discerning progress. It provides insight into a company’s past and helps us to make future decisions – from an investor or consumer point of view.

The same principle follows for the maintenance of your equipment and operations. Just as your company’s history can provide insight into your future, preventative maintence documentation provides the necessary means to forecast growth and optimize your processes accordingly.

Main Goals of PMPs – Safety, uptime and growth indicator.

As usage time, volume of product, and speed of operation increases, this creates wearing forces on the mechanical structures of your equipment.  Routine maintenance is a proactive approach to staying on top of potential issues – before they become an issue.  Paying attention to equipment outages and slight damage provides foreshadowing of more serious problems.  Regular tune-ups, adjustments, lubrication, and operational updates increases optimized performance, overall uptime and safety.

Moving gears, rollers, engines, bolts, cables, tracks – all have a story to tell about equipment wear, product flow, and safety issues – essentially the health and effectiveness of your system.  When it’s time to evolve with changing needs, knowing exactly where your problems and inefficiencies are now will save time on costly research and reduce errors from decisions based upon best guesses. Documentation from a preventative maintenance program provides precise information a material handling or product flow specialist needs to improve future performance with the right equipment and solutions.  It’s crucial for efficiently optimizing future processes.

Partners in Growth – Find a reliable, long-term preventative maintenance plan partner

If you have a warehouse or distribution center full of pallet rack, a range of high-speed doors, dock levelers, conveyor systems, workstation cranes, etc., you need to have a preventative maintenance plan (PMP).

W.W. Cannon, LLC establishes long-term PMPs which in turn provide a platform of success and growth for your company.  Our custom PMPs have proven successful for our clients by increasing workplace safety, improving performance, prolonging the lifecycle of equipment, and providing cost-efficient solutions as well as historical documentation of equipment and processes.

By developing a solid PMP with a reputable specialist like W.W. Cannon, LLC, you can be assured of:

  • Preventative maintenance plans and onsite cleaning
  • Routine scheduling of qualified equipment customized to your needs
  • Inspections and repairs by trained and certified technicians
  • Recommended repairs/replacements are quoted for your review and approval
  • Equipment numbered and logged by type, brand, size, and model
  • Consistent follow-ups to ensure your needs have been met
  • “On Call Priority Service” for emergencies
  • Preferred pricing on parts, labor, and equipment
  • Hands-on training for safe operation of equipment
  • Detailed checklist after every visit with summary
  • Comprehensive records of inspections, evaluations, recommendations and solutions
  • Comprehensive reports – complies with OSHA
  • Complete customer service satisfaction

What’s Your Story? Your history determines your future.

We all want to establish a legacy of safety, productivity, and success.  What does your equipment preventative maintenance plan say about your company?  Will history show that safety and system longevity was a top priority in your workplace?  Are you equipped with the proper documentation to efficiently apply equipment and process upgrades to your operations?

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