Double or Triple Your Storage Capacity With Mezzanine Work Platforms by W.W. Cannon, Dallas TX

Put Unused Air Space To Work In Your Warehouse

Mezzanine Work Platform

Are you growing and looking to expand?  Is decreasing downtime a high priority in order to keep up with operational demands?  Do you have open air space above your warehouse floor?  If you can answer YES to all 3 questions, a mezzanine work platform may be the perfect solution.

Growth spurts can happen quickly.  You need to keep up the pace in order to meet your customer’s needs and gaining additional storage space is critical to ensure your success. Timing is also crucial – you can’t afford downtime.

There’s no need for relocation and no extra cost or downtime associated with new construction.  We can quickly transform your unused air space into a multi-level, high density work and storage area.

Mezzanine Work Platform Benefits

  • Increased Storage Capacity – allows high-density storage, taking advantage of current unused ‘air space’
  • Custom-Built – designed by experienced engineers and built for your specific application
  • Money Savings – less expensive than new construction or relocation
  • Tax Savings – freestanding mezzanines are considered personal property, easy to disassemble and relocate within your facility, and depreciates over 5 to 7 years
  • Time Savings – installs in fraction of time compared to new construction greatly minimizing downtime
  • Modular Design – as your needs change, so can your mezzanine through relocation and modification
  • Safe Work Areasafety gates, material lifts, hand rail, guardrail can all be incorporated into your work platform in order to satisfy OSHA requirements and keep all workers safe

Double, Even Triple Storage Capacity Of Your Existing Area

We’ll transform your space into a high-density, efficient work area by integrating equipment designed to improve your work flow. An upper level mezzanine can be equipped with work stations, shelving units, modular offices. Storage under the mezzanine can contain secured access cages for tool or equipment storage. Picking systems can be integrated through carton flow and conveyor.  For any configuration that will provide the most efficient work area for your application, our experts will create the solution you need.

Expect Turnkey & Quality Services

From initial consultation to final walk-through, we provide fast, accurate, and professional services with the best customer service record in our industry.  Our team of material handling experts and installation crews have got your facility covered.  Our equipment maintenance team will keep it all working at peak performance.

W.W. Cannon’s work flow and storage specialists are waiting to assist you.  If you need anything – even just to ask a few questions – we’d love to hear from you.  To speak to us directly, call us today at 800-442-3061.



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