Applying lean concepts to warehouses and distribution centers in Dallas TX

Running out of space? It may be time for ‘lean’ storage solutions.

Applying lean concepts to warehouses and distribution centers in Dallas TX

Applying ‘lean’ concepts means creating more value with fewer resources.  A lean organization understands the value of their customer and focuses its key processes for continual business improvement.

Running out of space at the warehouse - Time Warner San Antonio TXYou know what’s not good for business?  Waiting on a service tech… for hours.  At Time Warner, time is critical.  Their customers expect on-time service and Time Warner is dedicated to improving their processes to deliver on-time quality.

Over the last 20 years, our friends at TW in San Antonio TX have been adding office space to their warehouse. This has been decreasing their storage space, though the need for supplies storage has been expanding.  And that’s where we came in!

Applying lean storage concepts at the warehouse - Time Warner San Antonio TXThey contacted us for some guidance on what their options were.  We found there was really no need to buy more products.  They needed a plan which involved simple lean storage principles and a reconfiguration of their current equipment.

We ended up rearranging the equipment surrounding their mezzanine work platform.  A modular office installed by some other team was located in the middle of the warehouse – wasting valuable floor space.  The VRC (material lift) that transported supplies to and from the platform was also placed in an area that could be freed up to provide more space to move.

Applying lean storage concepts at the warehouse - Time Warner San Antonio TXStorage specialist, Ken Harris, came up with the plan.  It was simple!  The work platform stairway, modular office, VRC, and other equipment were moved to the wall which freed up substantial open floor space.

Now the warehouse crew can move throughout the warehouse more efficiently to store and retrieve supplies for the service techs.  This simple lean application increased their delivery time – achieving the ultimate goal of satisfied customers.

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