Secured wire mesh storage lockers

Safeguard Service Tech Items with Secured Lockers in Plano TX

Employee Morale Impacts Performance

According to a study of customer service representatives, employee morale has a profound effect on their perceptions of customers and to how they react to them.  Mood also has a clear impact on individual performance.  It can be a driving factor in how much work employees do and how well they do it.

That’s why it’s very important for companies – especially in the customer service industry – to find ways to help their employees start the day off right.  One simple way to maintain worker morale is to provide them with their own secured personal storage space.

Safely securing personal belongings boosts moral by providing peace of mind and eliminating loss.

Time Warner service tech traning room Plano TXRunning Out Of Secured Storage Space

Time Warner Cable Company in Plano TX has an abundance of service technicians but was running out of personal storage space for them.  Having a secured storage option was best to safeguard personal items for their outside technicians.

Conducting active training for their employees is a daily event and they didn’t want their education time to be interrupted by installers going in and out with products.   It was also important to them that clear work access be maintained for their technicians.  Our challenge was to get the lockers installed quickly without downtime.  We had to ensure their work flow was uninterrupted.

Wire Mesh Storage Lockers Safeguard Personal Items

Our recommendation for their best solution was to install a series of  wire mesh storage lockers – 3 units high.  The wire mesh design provides secure storage with high visibility and was a fast, economical solution.  It would definitely provide their service techs with some peace of mind.

Secured storage - wire mesh lockers installed in Plano TXEfficient Installation Eliminates Downtime

We always build according to our customers needs and we’re good at finding solutions that work.  Our installation crew was able to get in, install the lockers, and get out quickly without interruption.

Wire mesh storage locker benefits:

  • Sets up fast
  • Easy to move or reconfigure
  • Secures employees personal items
  • Allows full visibility of contents

Wire mesh locker design from Cogan:

  • Side panels and doors – framed 2” x 2” x 10 GA welded wire mesh
  • Roof and back panels – unframed 2” x 2” x 6 & 8 GA galvanized welded wire mesh
  • Adjustable or fixed shelves – 2” x 2” x 10 Ga welded wire mesh or framed 16GA sheet metal
  • Raised support legs – provide a 2” sweep to prevent water damage.
  • Adjustable anchoring bracket included per side panel
  • Each unit can be securely fastened to the floor or to the walls

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