Smart Tips For Warehouse Efficiency in Dallas TX

Smart Tips For Greater Warehouse Efficiency

Smart Tips To Make Your Warehouse More Efficient

With all the knowledge, experience, and advances in technology we have in 2019, you’d think warehouse inefficiency would be nonexistent, yet this isn’t the case. Many warehouses are using organizational methods that hurt their business in terms of efficiency. Are you among them?

If you want to fight warehouse inefficiency, it’s time to address outdated techniques that just don’t optimize how the warehouse is run.  Here’s a few smart tips to get you started.

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Creating Your Floor Plan

Take a look at the current floor plan of your warehouse. Does everything seem to have a logical place? If not, employees could be spending more time looking for items than necessary.

  • Organize by Frequency of Use

Do you have items set up based on their frequency of use? While it seems practical to situate items that are similar in the same area, it’s more efficient to position them based on their “hit” density. You want these items closer to the door than other items.

You also want to take into consideration tools, equipment, work benches, and other similar items. Position these items in a location that’s quick and easy to get to.

  • Create the Optimum Storage Solution for Your Space

Additionally, you want to take into consideration the amount of space you have and how you can make the most of it. This is especially the case if you have limited real estate.

The optimum storage solution for your space is one that not only makes items easily accessible, but also reduces the amount people handling goods as much as possible. Your best bet is to request optimization and layout consultation from a specialist in order to reach maximum efficiency.

The Right Storage Equipment

Inventory shelving, pallet rack, and specialized storage equipment can help your warehouse with organization. Our material handling and storage specialists can determine the correct storage equipment for you based on your operation.

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  • Incorporate Multiple Solutions

Sometimes an integrated solution of equipment will be the most efficient. You’ll want to take into consideration which types of storage works well for your needs. Think about size, location, and type based on your products. The goal is to make your warehouse work for you.

  • Create Clear Paths

If you’re running pallet jacks and forklifts, you need to keep that in mind when positioning your equipment. Leave an ample amount of room or serious collision damage and safety issues may arise more quickly than you thought they would.  The proper safety guarding products will help to prevent impact damage to your equipment.

Get Employee Input

Besides creating a workplace conclusive of efficiency, focus on other ways to optimize productivity with employees. The best way to start this process is by consulting your staff.

  • Solicit Feedback

Ask your employees which areas they feel could use improvement. Tell them to consider both the storing and receiving of goods, as well as the inspection process. It’s also important to look at the order preparation process.

  • Identify Pain Points

Specifically inquire about aspects of the job that are annoying or those that prevent employees from working up to their full potential.

Staff Planning

Staff is another aspect of your warehouse to consider when it comes to efficiency. You need to look at support roles and workforce planning, among other areas.

  • Hire Enough People

Make sure you’re staffing adequately. You’re not saving money by not hiring enough staff – this only makes fulfilling orders more time consuming.

If demand fluctuates often, consider supplementing your permanent employees with temporary warehouse workers during busier times.

  • Experiment with Your Processes

At the same time, you also want to make sure everyone has something to do at all times. One way to tighten up your processes is by experimenting. Testing different sequences for picking can help you understand which routes keep people moving efficiently.

Next Step

Creating a warehouse that operates at its full potential isn’t always easy. The smartest thing to do, would be to reach out to us and have a storage specialist analyze your system, create an optimization plan, and provide the right layout and equipment.

For consultation or to learn more about our products and how they can help combat inefficiency in your warehouse, please give us a call today at 800-442-3061 or fill out our quote for a fast response.



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