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Top 10 Benefits of Modular Building Construction

Modular Construction, The Right Choice For Your Project

As budgets get tighter and come under increasing scrutiny, facility managers are looking to save money for their construction projects with efficient, lasting, and sustainable solutions.  That’s why modular building construction is the perfect answer for adding on professional office space, observation rooms, secured entry, breakrooms, and more.

Showing how your facility will benefit from your solution, as well as how the new building will meet your needs today and in the future, will help you get the green light.

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TOP 10 Reasons To Go Modular

If you’re looking to develop a rock-solid case for modular construction on your next project, here’s 10 ways our prefabricated buildings will work for you.

1. Pre-engineered Construction. No need for added costs of architects or engineers. The Starrco modular design is custom fabricated for your specific project. CAD drawings and bill of materials are included.Prefabricated In-Plant Break Rooms

2. Construction Ease. Permanent construction requires contractors, sub-contractors, builders, electricians, specialists, etc. Starrco modular buildings require one experienced installation crew to manage the entire project.

3. Professional Appearance. Every Starrco modular building is manufactured to ensure a high-quality appearance. You’ll have a very clean, consistent, and professional finished look you can be proud of.

4. Fast Installation. Medium sized projects can be completed within a few days – 2 day modular office install – compared to permanent construction which could take months of planning and building. Disruptions to work flow are kept to a minimum due to speedy pre-fab construction.Professional Modular Offices & Meeting Rooms

5. Minimal Mess. Due to all components and wall panels being pre-engineered to specifications in the factory, there’s no need for garbage bins, no dust or mess as you’d have with permanent construction.

6. Low Maintenance. All modular panels are built with a mar-resistant vinyl coating. This allows the exterior and interior walls to maintain their attractive appearance for years. No need for painting or wall repair associated with drywall construction.

7. Customization & Options. Whatever your requirements, we’ll meet your exact specifications with custom engineering. Starrco provides many options such as sound-mitigated walls, high ceilings for large machinery, contaminant-free enclosures, climate-controlled environments, full sized windows, glass doors, and more.

8. Sustainable Solutions. Decrease your carbon footprint with Starrco modular buildings. We’re committed to environmental stewardship and partner with vendors who are like minded. Starrco wall panels are made from gypsum board with 95% post-consumer materials and paper facing that’s 100% recycled material. The aluminum framework is fabricated from 70% reclaimed or scrap metal.Two-Story Modular Office Inplant Building

9. Flexible & Adaptable. Wall panels can be reconfigured and reused allowing for future growth, moving and changes. No demolition – the current wall panels can be dismantled, relocated, or reused in new layouts to quickly add more rooms or even a second floor.

10. Immediate Depreciation. Section 179 of the tax code allows you to depreciate a Starrco building in the year of installation because it qualifies as equipment. Permanent construction takes 39 years to depreciate.

Need space consultation? If you’ve got substantial unused airspace within your warehouse, you could add a mezzanine with a 2-level modular building – or transform the upper level into office space while the lower level holds inventory storage systems.  Our team of storage space planning experts can provide multiple ways of saving space and maximizing your production all within your budget.

Challenging requirements?  No problem for us.  We’ll take care of any ‘complicated’ project you can throw at us.  From 2-story buildings, complex space conditions, stairways, custom ceilings, light fixtures, and most any custom items, we can provide it for you.  Give us a call at 800-442-3061 or fill out our quote for a fast response.  We look forward to assisting you!



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