Top 5 Basic Products for Pallet Rack Safety by W.W. Cannon in Dallas TX

5 Basic Pallet Rack Safety Products You Should Have

The 5 Basics Needed for Pallet Rack Safety by W.W. Cannon in Dallas TX

Pallet Rack Safety – Trusting That Inner Voice

Have you ever wondered about the safety of your pallet rack system? Such as “I hope those boxes don’t get pushed off the back…” or “That upright seems to be stable now but what if it took another forklift hit?” We’ve all, at some point in time, had that inner voice of reason asking questions and/or pointing out the obvious – but what do you do about it?

If you’ve heard that inner voice, trust it – don’t ignore it.  There are simple basic hazard prevention products that are cost-effective and efficient. We all want the best safety measures in place to protect the workers under our care and our products.  So, we’ve put together our top 5 picks of the most basic pallet rack safety products that will work for almost any warehouse environment.

5 Basic Rack Safety Products You Should Have

Top 5 Basic Products for Pallet Rack Safety by W.W. Cannon in Dallas TXCost-Effective and Quick-to-Install Products – providing basic safety, avoiding downtime, and saving you money.

Pallet Rack Safety Netting –

No more worrying about the hazard of items falling into the work area or on your employees.  Rack back safety netting creates a strong barrier to protect the flue space from products pushing through or falling.  Sliding safety nets are convenient for the front of the rack bay for quick, easy access.  This durable netting system is easier to install, move, and more cost effective than a wire mesh solution.

Wire Mesh Pallet Rack Backing –

Wire mesh pallet rack back panels bolt directly to the back of your existing rack uprights forming a sturdy wall of protection between stored product and busy work aisles.  Rigid, resilient, quick to install and competitively priced.

EOA & Post Protectors –

Upright posts are the backbone of the racking system, also the most susceptible to forklift damage – most exposed and most vulnerable.  Easy to install rack upright post protectors completely shields individual posts.  Structural steel design wraps around the full circumference of the post – completely shielding it from impact.  EOA (End Of Aisle) protectors guard the entire end of bays or double bays.

Floor Angle Guide –

Provides an uninterrupted, low to the ground protection along the full length of your bays.  Use floor angle guides to prevent narrow-aisle fork trucks, lifts and order pickers from coming into contact with the rack. Your racking remains intact and your assets undamaged.

Heavy Duty Guardrail –

Control, define and protect important areas within your fast-paced warehouse with heavy-duty guardrail.  Provides a solid, impact resistant barrier between your storage rack areas, expensive or dangerous equipment, and pedestrian walkways.  This guardrail, when properly installed, is engineered to withstand a 10,000 lb impact at 4 mph.  A trouble-free solution to your peace of mind!

Benefit To Buying from W.W. Cannon

  • Need it fast? Standard products are In-Stock & Ready-to-Ship (FOB Dallas TX)
  • Engineered and proven – Designed by engineers for ultimate safety and crash protection
  • High visibility – Steel products have a safety yellow powder coated paint finish for maximum visibility
  • Customization available – Large variety of options to choose from to customize for your application
  • Almost 80 years of service – We’ve been in business for 79 years providing custom material handling solutions and excellent customer service.  You can count on us.

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