Part IV – Going UP! VRC Added to 3-story facility in CA

VRC Vertical Reciptical LiftVertical Reciprocating Conveyors – VRC’s (aka Material Lifts)  move materials between two or more levels.  Efficiently moving heavy loads and full pallets from one floor to the next make VRC’s the perfect choice for mezzanine work platforms.  Much safer than using a forklift.

Do not confuse a VRC with an elevator.  They are specifically coded to ‘material moving’ – never ‘people-moving’ – which has exempted the VRC from stringent elevator safety requirements.  This makes the lifts less costly to install, operate and maintain.  Money saver!

For this large automotive parts distribution center, the Pflow Series M VRC was chosen due to it’s stout capacity up to 10,000 pounds and it’s proven, lasting durability for frequent use applications.  Standard travel speed is 25-30 FPM making efficient time in load transfers.

Safety is always a carefully considered factor.  Pflow VRC’s are equipped with advanced safety features such as spring-loaded safety cams, over-travel and chain tension protection, safety interlocked gates, enclosure guards, and a patented DeckLock safety system.

VRC - Material Lifts for mezzanine work platformsMaterial Lift M Series Features

  • Conforms to ASME B20.1 Safety Standards.
  • Unlimited carriage sizes.
  • Maximum vertical rise of 200’.
  • Standard travel speed is 25-30 FPM (more available on special order).
  • Carriage is lifted and lowered by heavy-duty roller chain on a 2-post design.
  • Patented DeckLock Safety System available.
  • Indoor or outdoor use. Hot-dipped galvanized or epoxy finish available.

Check out the prior phases of this 20,000 sf 3-story mezzanine work platform:

 Part I – Mezzanine Footings Installation

Part II – Mezzanine Footings Complete

Part III – Mezzanine Work Platform Decking Complete

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