Warehouse Equipment Relocation – Moving the BIG stuff!


Warehouse equipment relocation in Dallas TXMoving your company to a new location can be a pain!  It would be great if you could just pick up and go – but the reality is it takes a lot of planning and preparation.

You’ve already told your customers about the move, acquired your new location, taken growth and workspace into consideration, taken inventory of your things, defined roles and responsibilities for key staff , detailed description of the new layout  – now for the actual physical move.  You can handle a few boxes here and there – but what about the BIG stuff?

BeamsReplaced-wire in-wide span doneWarehouse Equipment Relocation – The BiG stuff!

If you have warehouse equipment that needs to be relocated, this requires an experienced crew of installers with a proven track record of tearing down and safely reassembling material handling equipment.  It’s not a second thought – it’s a necessity!

Equipment Relocation & Space Planning

Shelving DoneOur friend Randy Levi at the Reynolds Company in Abilene TX (15th largest electrical wholesaler) contacted us to handle the relocation of their warehouse.  They needed a professional team they could count on to get them out of their current building and into their new warehouse within their timeframe.  They also needed some assistance with space planning at their new facility along with the proper storage equipment.  We listened to their needs and knew exactly what to do.

Our installation manager, Richard Fargason, was fast at work to get the crew started on dismantling and relocating the equipment.  The Reynolds Company had a tight deadline to meet and we took proper planning to ensure we finished within their timeframe.Rousseau Modular Shelving installed in Abilene TX

Pallet Rack & Shelving

Pallet rack and shelving systems were soon torn down, securely bundled, and transported to the new facility.  Our organized team worked quickly with Randy Levi’s guidance to get the moved equipment installed in its new designated location.  We reinstalled their standard pallet rack, cantilever pipe rack to store conduit, reel rack for spools of wire, and wide span shelving.  Safety yellow guard rail was installed to protect the rack and shelving units from forklift damage.

Brand New Showcase Shelving

The Reynolds Company now had a new storefront area where they wanted to showcase products.  Gondolas doneWe were able to supply them with attractive Rousseau gondola shelving for parts storage in the store front.  We also supplied and installed Rousseau closed shelving units for parts inventory storage in the back area.

Relocated & Installed – On time as usual!

With the equipment safely and securely installed in their new location, The Reynolds Company had plenty of time to focus on their grand opening on August 15!  We were honored to play a part in their successful site opening and partner with them for their continued growth as a company.

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