Double mezzanine work platform with safety gates.

Warehouse Safety Products: Part 11 – Work Platforms

Double mezzanine work platform with safety gates.Industrial work platforms, also called mezzanines, allow expansion of your area for more storage space.  A work platform mezzanine can double your existing warehouse space up to 80% less the cost of a permanent addition.

With a great cost savings, you have the ability to invest more into ensuring the safety of your personnel.  To increase operational safety and efficiency, there’s a wide range of products that  can be easily added on to your mezzanine work platform.Guardrail protects mezzanine perimeter from forklifts and other heavy work equipment

Heavy-duty guardrail is structurally solid and impact-resistant.  Guardrail supplies perimeter protection around mezzanine bases.  Keeps employees and products safe from accidental collision.

Bollards to protect high volume areas around mezzanine work platformsBollards are sturdy and functional.  Helps to protect your workspace area from collision damage.  Place bollards in high traffic areas to prevent accidents.

A variety of safety gates protect open areas on mezzanine work platforms

Mezzanine gates are easily adaptable to keep your processes running smoothly while protecting all personnel.  A variety of mezzanine gates provide safety, efficiency and flexibility.

Handrails keep mezzanine platform perimeters safeHandrails provide a continuous design.  They install fast and provide necessary protection for personnel during business operations on mezzanine work platforms.

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