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The path laid for a successful future is built upon the solid foundation of hard work and ambition.

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Our History

Our success is built upon a history of hard work and determination.

Legend has it that W.W. Cannon, one of the fastest-growing companies in Dallas, started out with the simple dream of two ambitious brothers, Bill and Jack Cannon.

The brothers began selling shelving out of the back of their car, and from those humble beginnings grew one of the largest materials handling distributors in Texas. Their hard work and determination laid the path for a solid foundation and successful future.

With the same spirit of determination, Greg Brown, owner and president, took the reins and purchased W.W. Cannon back in 1996.  Three years later, the company was named one of the top 100 fastest-growing business in Dallas by the Dallas Business Journal.

Continued Growth and Expansion

Today, W.W. Cannon has it’s sights set on continued growth as we work hard to meet the industry’s changing needs. Doubling our staff just over the past two years, we’re still growing fast, always with the goal of serving our clients better.

Our current focus is on advancements in technology which provide faster more efficient solutions such as smart lifting devices and automated systems.  We’ve also placed a greater emphasis on maintenance and repair. Still in expansion mode, we’re continually increasing value for our customers by adding to our servicing departments with new trucks and qualified technicians.

History Repeats Itself

We are ambitious as ever, and continue to look to the future, searching for better ways to help our customers meet their needs. Being responsive and flexible is central to our long-term strategic plan under Greg Brown. It’s served him well as he’s led our company for the past 23 years, and will continue to do so far into the future.


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