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Meet the W.W. Cannon Sales Team 

Greg Brown

Greg Brown


Chris Bewley

 Operations Manager / Inside Sales
Chris Bewley


   Billy Duplechin
   Houston Area 
Richard Fargason Installation Manager and Plano Area 
Richard Fargason
Bill Lawson

Retail Division and
Fort Worth Area 
Bill Lawson
Ken Harris

 San Antonio Area
Ken Harris
Doug Russell Austin Area
Doug Russell
Ken Parks 

 Rio Grande Valley
Ken Parks



Making Memories
The best ever summer conversations with kids 



Summer vacation can present challenges as parents juggle their own  responsibilities along with children’s activities.  With responsibilities of busy work schedules and maintaining a healthy home environment, it is easy to loose touch with our kids.  Here are a few creative ways to begin meaningful conversations with your kids, but first you must set the ground rules. Everyone participates with you as the first facilitator!

  • Be a good listener.  Give everyone the chance to express their ideas.
  • Create a positive, safe environment with no right or wrong answers.
  • Encourage independent thinking
  • Allow intellectual risks without critism or judgment.
  • Be creative: brainstorm, be flexible, explore alternative perspectives, consider all possibilities, allow originality.
  • Praise each child for participation. Behavior that is rewarded will be repeated. 
  • Explore the other persons idea, “What makes you say that?” or “In what way do you see this happening?” or “Tell me more, I like your line of thinking!” 
  • Again, be a good listener – Give everyone your undivided attention.
Now, let’s get started!  Here are a few ideas to begin conversation.
  1. Suppose we were born with with wheels instead of feet? How would our world be different? 
  • What is an adventure? What makes an adventure different from other experiences?  Describe your most recent adventure.
  • If you could talk to animals what would you want to know? Which animal would you most like to talk to?  Do you think animals talk to each other?
  • What makes someone a hero or heroine? Do you know anyone whom you consider a hero or heroine? Why? Have your ever done anything courageous? Is it always good to be brave? Do you have to face danger to be courageous?
  • If you had the choice to become smarter than you are, would you do it?  How might your life be different? If you had to decide what ‘super-smart’ was, how would you describe it?
  • Pretend you are someone whom you are meeting for the first time.  How do you think that person would describe you?
  • Write a recipe for success. What ingredients would you put in it? Which one is most important?
Have family fun with the limitless ideas, and possibilities.  Hopefully, your family time will be loads of fun! 
Excerpts adapted from How to have Intellegent and Creative Conversations with your Kids, by
Jane M. Healy, Ph. D.



Please contact me if there is any way I can be of assistance.


Greg Brown
W.W.Cannon, Inc. 


Advance Lifts

Electric Work Station (EWS) Series
Electric Work Station (EWS) Series
Price $4999.00*
Special Pricing through July
 Lift Table – EWS Series
15%-20% more energy efficient.

No hydraulic fluid.

No air required and better positioning.

No obstructions under platform.
Easy straddle stacker access.
Quiet operation compared to hydraulic lifts.
Easy access to power unit-lower platform.
Easy maintenance.
Standard 115 volt single phase 15 amp.
Options available additional cost.
Call today for free consultation.

 *Plus tax and shipping.
Additonal Options Available, not included.
Shipping and installation not included.
Call today for a quote.
Offer Expires: 7/31/10

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