Fall Arrest System Installation

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Eliminate fall risk. Fall systems installed by factory trained, OSHA certified professionals.

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Fall Arrest System Installation

To ensure the safety of your team, you need the right installers for the job.  Our OSHA certified installers have advanced factory training and an in-depth working knowledge of our Gorbel Fall Arrest Systems.

Fall Protection System for RV Service Center with Gorbel Ceiling Mounted Crane - Dallas TX

Certified Fall Protection & Suspended Access System Installation

A fall arrest system that’s properly installed and certified reduces the risk of workplace injuries and minimizes liability.

Our fall installation specialists are trained and certified by Gorbel, our Fall Arrest Systems manufacturer. Whether your fall protection or suspended maintenance system is added to your existing facility or a new construction design, no other fall protection installation crew is more qualified or capable to address your safety needs.

Our fall specialists mobilize to your site, asses your needs, and provide consultation on a system to match your application. Certified and licensed crews install the fall arrest system according to specification, test and safety certify the system, and provide necessary training for proper use, operation, care and maintenance.

Our project managers, engineers, and crew leads work side-by-side for accurate, safe installs that meet industry safety guidelines and exceed our client’s expectations.

Fall Risk Assessment

First, a thorough risk assessment is performed to identify key hazards in order to achieve the best fall protection solution.

We cover OSHA and ANSI regulations, determine your legal obligations, and follow guidelines with all recommendations.

Fall Systems Installation

Our qualified and highly skilled installers correctly and safely install your fall arrest support equipment.

Manufacturer specifications and OSHA regulations are followed – maximizing your team’s safety.

Required Safety Plan

You legally need a documented Fall Safety Plan on hand.

We’ll help you create a company plan addressing the 4 stages of fall protection: before the fall, at fall arrest, suspension, and post-fall rescue. Each stage presents its own safety challenges and everyone must know how to respond.

Employee Training

Once we’ve installed your system, we’ll take your employees through hands-on training to ensure they understand safe and proper use.

Workers gain knowledge and confidence through training – greatly reducing risk of misuse and accidents.

Design. Layout. Build. Install.

We’ve got your back.

Workstation Cranes

Gorbel Cranes create solid fall protection systems, reducing risk of fall injuries.

Gorbel Fall Arrest Systems

Tether Track provides shorter free-fall distances and allows passing without disconnecting.

Certified and Trained Service Technicians and Installers

Qualified Service Teams

Our installation crews and service technicians are factory-trained, OSHA safety certified, and led by experienced, reliable crew leaders. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured.

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