Professional Material Handling Installers & Repair Technicians in Dallas TX

What Makes Us Qualified?

Experienced, trained, certified, licensed, bonded, insured, reliable – yes, we’re all that and more.

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Certified Installers & Service Technician Teams

Experienced, factory trained, safety certified, reliable service technicians and installers.

Certifications and degrees are trusted signs of excellence; they’re earned. We undergo extensive in-factory training, trade skill courses, OSHA 10 and additional safety certification in order to serve you the highest level of quality in service.  Bottom line is your equipment is being serviced and installed by people who have the valuable expertise needed to get the job done right.

In-Factory Training

Trained straight from the experts – our equipment manufacturers.

Safety Certified

Certified to identify, control, and protect against major workplace hazards.

Trade Skills

Qualified team of trained operators and skilled tradespersons.

Safety Certifications

We get ongoing OSHA training on the basics of occupational safety and health. Effectively learning to identify, control, and protect against major workplace hazards. Lancaster, ISN, and Avetta provide extra training in workplace safety and sustainability.


Certified to identify, control, and protect against major workplace hazards.


Certified to manage, control, or eliminate work safety and health hazards.


Audited to ensure we have proper training, competencies and qualifications.


Certified to minimize supply chain risk to improve workplace safety and sustainability.

Lockout / Tagout

Certified to safeguard from unexpected incidences during service or maintenance.

  • OSHA Safety Certified and Professional Warehouse Service Technicians

In-Factory Training

Factory trained means just what it sounds like – we go directly to the source, the manufacturer, to learn firsthand. Our training comes straight from the experts on how it works, current best practices, common issues and how to fix them.

Blue Giant

Dock Levelers, Seals and Shelters Training


Mezzanine Work Platforms, Guardrail Systems

Erect A Step

Crossovers and Work Access Platform & Stair Systems


Smart Lifts, Crane and Hoist Inspection, Fall Protection

Interlake / Mecalux

Storage Rack Systems


ASRS, Horizontal and Vertical Carousels


Drum Handling Solutions


Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors, Material Lifts


Conveyor Systems


Automotive Centers, Storage Solutions, Workstations


Vaccum Lifts


Modular Buildings and Offices


Wire Cages and Secured Access

High Speed Doors

Warehouse Equipment Safety Training

Equipment Safety Training

Need equipment training for your team? We’re committed to safety, and we want to ensure that we pass our knowledge and expertise on to you. Offered with most equipment we sell and install.

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