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Safe, structurally sound rack systems. Our pallet rack experts will keep you there.

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Pallet Rack Repair

Standard Pallet Rack, Cantilever, High-Density Storage Systems, PushBack, Drive-In/Drive-Through, Carton and Pallet Flow Rack … all covered by our rack repair experts.

Certified Pallet Rack Repair Technician

Pallet rack and rack system repairs by in-house, expert technicians.

Rack damage from forklift impact, bends in beams from overloading, dents from powered vehicles, loose t-bolts from wear and tear – all inevitable over time.  As your equipment partner, we take precaution to ensure the integrity of your rack systems are solid and safe. With a proactive safety inspection, maintenance and repair plan, we’ll help head off any critical issues that could shut you down.

Our team of expert technicians are factory trained and qualified to service all brands of basic pallet rack to high-density, automated storage systems.  Servicing on your rack systems is never contracted out.  You can always expect repairs from our very own in-house crews.

One thing you can always expect from us – excellence. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality repair servicing along with the best customer care.  We promise to work hard for your 100% satisfaction.

Maintenance & Repair Plans

Rack is evaluated and damage risk is identified with our 3-Level Risk ID System. Our technicians know what to keep an eye on – or when it makes sense to repair or replace.

Rack Repair Kits
We act fast! Rack repair kits are kept on hand so you don’t have to wait. If any critical issues are found, our technicians dive in and fix it right – the first time.

Scheduled Rack Inspections

We’ll have you on our calendar based upon your equipment needs. The entire rack system is evaluated for impact damage, corrosion, dents or stress. Decking and baseplates also inspected.

Smart Documentation
We document the health of your rack systems as well as any issues. You’ll have a detailed history of all inspections and repairs for your own records.

24-Hour Emergency Repairs

Our 24-Hour, On-Call Repair Team gets you back up and running quickly with Rapid-Response Priority Service.

Fully Stocked & Ready To Roll
Our service trucks are fully stocked and ready to roll no matter what time of day – or night. Call 800-442-3601

Preferred Member Savings

Plan members receive preferred pricing on parts and labor, new equipment, and equipment upgrades.

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We’ve got your back.

Dock & Door Repair

As your equipment partner, we act to ensure we take care of all your repair needs – keeping your dock and doors open for business.

Conveyor Repair

We’re able to spot potential issues – before it actually become an issue. Our trained technicians dive in and fix it right, eliminating the problem before it starts.

Certified and Trained Service Technicians and Installers

Qualified Service Teams

Our installation crews and service technicians are factory-trained, OSHA safety certified, and led by experienced, reliable crew leaders. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured.

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