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Climate Control

Improve everything from product integrity and employee comfort to energy efficiency and enhanced air quality with our extensive line of HVLS ceiling fans and air circulators.

As you work hard to keep your team on track, our industrial fans work hard to keep workers comfortable and safe. Our industrial ceiling fans and air circulators bring consistent movement to each area of your space to reduce slick surfaces, deter pests and odors from settling, and control moisture. Your employees, product, and equipment will quickly feel the improvements. There are three primary benefits to installing industrial fans in your facility:

  1. Cost Savings: as they reduce the need for air conditioning or heating, businesses can witness significant savings on energy bills.

  2. Improved Comfort: for facilities that house employees, a more consistent and comfortable temperature boosts productivity and morale.

  3. Protection for Products: in industries where goods are affected by humidity or temperature fluctuations – like agriculture or certain types of manufacturing – industrial fans help protect products by ensuring a stable environment.

From HVLS ceiling fans to air circulators like drum and cage fans to rooftop exhaust fans and side wall supply fans - W. W. Cannon’s solutions experts can help you create a coordinated approach to all your air movement needs. From dock doors, to pick modules, to total building ventilation – we have the solutions you need to make your facility more comfortable and keep your workers safe and productive. Specifying an industrial fan solution for a new building or renovating an established commercial or industrial space? We have all the data and details you need to help you choose the right fans. Check out our preferred supplier brochures in the sections below and Contact Us today!

Applications & Industries We Serve

It’s obvious that industrial fans are standard in certain commercial settings. But you may be surprised to discover that they also deliver exceptional airflow and cooling capabilities in many lesser-known venues:

Agricultural Facilities: Designed to improve air circulation and reduce moisture levels in agricultural settings, these commercial fans contribute to a healthier environment preventing heat stress, improving productivity, and promoting optimal growth. Livestock barns, dairy farms, equine facilities, fairgrounds, produce farms, cannabis cultivation, grow rooms, hydroponics gardens, and greenhouses will all benefit from our fan system solutions.

Warehouses: Ideal for large-scale warehouse facilities, our big shop fans effectively circulate air, reduce the effects of humidity, and maintain a comfortable working environment for employees. Large storage spaces like warehouses often suffer from uneven temperature zones. HVLS ceiling fans help circulate air uniformly, maintaining consistent temperatures and ensuring goods are stored under optimal conditions. With their ability to move vast volumes of air, these fans significantly reduce the reliance on HVAC systems, and can lead to considerable energy savings.

Commercial Kitchens: With their high-performance airflow, our industrial fans aid in proper ventilation and smoke extraction, improving air quality and comfort for the kitchen staff.

Manufacturing Plants: Heavy-duty industrial fans enhance ventilation, improve air quality, and promote worker safety in manufacturing plants by effectively dissipating heat and removing fumes and airborne particles. In certain manufacturing processes, high humidity hinders product quality. An HVLS fan helps reduce moisture content in the air, thereby preserving the integrity of the manufactured items. By ensuring proper ventilation, these fans also help dissipate potentially harmful fumes or gases that might be present in some manufacturing settings.

Sports Arenas: By efficiently distributing cool air throughout sports arenas, our commercial fans deliver a pleasant spectator experience and enable athletes to perform at their best.

Gymnasiums: Commercial fans offer excellent air circulation, ensuring consistent temperature control and improved air quality during intense workouts and sports activities in gyms and fitness centers.

Factories: Big industrial cooling fans enhance overall airflow and promote effective temperature regulation, creating a conducive environment for increased productivity and employee well-being.

Distribution Centers: HVLS industrial ceiling fans help maintain uniform temperatures, preventing hotspots and optimizing product preservation, thereby ensuring a favorable environment for goods storage and handling.

Auto Repair Shops: Owners use big shop fans to provide powerful air movement, assisting in removing hazardous fumes such as exhaust gases, solvents, and chemicals in automotive shops, creating a safer and healthier workspace. Automotive workshops are prone to dust accumulation. Industrial HVLS fans assist in settling airborne particles, thus maintaining a cleaner working environment. Meanwhile, mechanics and other staff benefit from the enhanced air circulation, leading to reduced heat stress and increased productivity.

Aviation: Hangars, repair bays, and other aviation facilities greatly benefit from the large air displacements of HVLS ceiling fans, ensuring optimal conditions for maintenance and repair tasks. Proper air circulation prevents the buildup of moisture, which is essential in aeronautical settings to avoid corrosion of aircraft components.

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