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Drum Fans

Industrial Airflow Powerhouse: The Drum Fan

Drum Fans are reliable, cost-effective air circulators built to provide powerful, concentrated airflow in a large space. Their primary function is to improve air circulation and provide ventilation, making it an essential tool for maintaining a comfortable and productive environment in large spaces like warehouses, factories, and workshops. They have a cylindrical, drum-shaped housing that encloses the blades, and OSHA-compliant spiral wire finger guards. Inside the drum-like housing is a powerful motor that drives a set of large, angled blades. When the fan is turned on, the motor spins these blades at high speed, which pulls air in from behind the fan and pushes it out the front. The angle of the blades allows them to generate a high volume of airflow directed over a large area due to the drum’s shape. Kitted out with multi-speed, high-efficiency motors, they are year-after-year workhorses that require little maintenance. The adjustable speed allows you to control the fan’s speed and the volume of air it circulates. Our two-speed drum fan is available in 36” and 42” diameters, while the three-speed version is available in 37” diameter. Need airflow in one room, then another? No problem! These fans are easy to maneuver through doorways and aisles thanks to heavy-duty wheels mounted on one end. Combine drum fans with energy efficient HVLS ceiling fans to effectively cool large areas. The HVLS ceiling fans establish a strong airflow that moves air over long distances, covering a considerable portion of the large area. This helps in circulating fresh air and reducing stagnant zones. With its high-powered motor and directed airflow, the high-velocity Drum Fan effectively targets and cools down specific areas that need additional ventilation, such as workstations, machinery, or any place where heat tends to accumulate. As it's portable, it's easily moved around the space, providing flexible and localized air movement exactly where needed. Our solutions experts are happy to visit your facility and make recommendations for a total facility solution or a single problem area. Did I mention we also install and service everything we sell? Review our preferred supplier brochures and give us a call today! Where a Large Drum Fan is Indispensable: • Industrial Workshops: These areas often deal with heat-generating machinery and equipment. A Drum Fan helps cool things down, providing a comfortable work environment. • Warehouses and Storage Facilities: An industrial Drum Fan improves air circulation in these vast spaces, reducing humidity and preventing the buildup of stagnant air. • Commercial Kitchens: With its ability to dissipate heat and smoke, a portable Drum Fan is essential. It ensures a safe and comfortable working environment for cooks and waitstaff. • Gyms and Fitness Centers: A Drum Fan aids in creating a cooler and more comfortable exercise environment by promoting air circulation. • Event Venues: In large gatherings, a large Drum Fan maintains a comfortable temperature for attendees. • Agricultural Settings: In barns or greenhouses, a portable Drum Fan ensures proper ventilation and temperature control, which is vital for the health of animals and plants. Used in conjunction with HVLS barn ceiling fans, a Drum Fan helps to keep livestock comfortable. • Construction Sites: A Drum Fan disperses dust and provides cooling for workers, enhancing safety and comfort on the job. • Automotive Shops: In a setting where heat-generating equipment is frequently used and fumes quickly accumulate, a large Drum Fan significantly improves air circulation and ventilation. An industrial Drum Fan reduces the risk of overheating and efficiently disperses harmful fumes or dust. Additionally, the directed airflow from a Drum Fan quickly dries painted or washed vehicles. • Aviation Facilities: In hangars or assembly plants, a high-velocity Drum Fan – working in tandem with HVLS ceiling fans – effectively manages temperature and improves air circulation. This reduces the risk of heat stress and fatigue among workers. Additionally, Drum Fans assist in dispersing fumes or airborne particles resulting from various operations, thereby maintaining better air quality.


  • Drum fans are reliable and cost-effective air circulators that provide powerful, concentrated airflow in large spaces.
  • They improve air circulation and ventilation in warehouses, factories, workshops, and more.
  • As their name implies, they have a cylindrical, drum-shaped housing that encloses large, angled blades.
  • Spiral wire finger guards make them OSHA-compliant.
  • Multi-speed, high-efficiency motors yield year-after-year performance with little maintenance required.
  • Two-speed fans come in 36” and 42” diameters.
  • Three-speed fan comes in 37” diameter.
  • Easily maneuvered through doorways and aisles thanks to heavy-duty wheels mounted on one end.
  • Combine drum fans with HVLS ceiling fans for effectively cooling large areas.
  • HVLS fans establish strong airflow covering a considerable portion of the area, while drum fans effectively target specific areas needing additional air circulation and ventilation.
  • Applications include industrial workshops, warehouses and storage facilities, commercial kitchens, gyms and fitness centers, event venues, agricultural settings, construction sites, automotive shops, and aviation facilities.


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